Arrival & Departure Boards

Digital screens are ideal for displaying public transport services information, for airports, train stations, shipping services, coaches, buses and more.

Inurface Media Digital Arrival & Departure Boards can readily integrate with your arrivals and departures database or content management system to deliver easily readable and instantly updated information for your customers. And we can also tie in additional screen content such as service messages or safety information, weather, newsfeeds and even advertising.


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Our Digital Arrival & Departure board solutions are 24/7, 365 days a year capable using commercial grade media players and screens. And with such mission critical systems, we can provide remote monitoring and immediate back-up services, even on-site engineers, to ensure your systems continuously perform.

The Inurface Media service can tailor your information solution, back-up and support requirements to meet exacting needs. Stena Line, for example, upgraded to Inurface Media and the results conclusively improved its business!

“We are extremely happy to have completed another successful project for Stenaline, I feel we really pushed the boundaries in usability when it came to developing the bespoke application, which sits between the user and our content management system.”

Josh Bunce

Managing Director of Inurface Media