Contact Centre

Inurface Media can collect dynamic real-time data, performance metrics or other key performance indicator information from 3rd party contact centre platforms or perhaps information from an ODBC database. Inurface Media solutions allow for real time and/or historical data to be mined and displayed to the right screen or group of screens at the right time, this helps to increase employee productivity, provides the ability to make real-time decisions based on real-time data and to drive productivity within your organisation. Different views can be shown to different teams or even by job function throughout your organisation. Data can be displayed by ‘Skill’ such as Calls in Queue, Oldest Call Waiting,

Agents in AUX State, Time on Hold, ‘Agent Stats’ such as length of time in current state, calls abandon, skill of call being handled, VDN Stats such as number of incalls abandon, disconnected, busy or answered, many other statistics are available for reporting. Inurface Media collect real-time data from the Management System, this data can be mixed with any data from other existing databases to produce engaging visual wallboards that empower managers and motivate agents. Call us now to see how our Contact & Call Center Wall Boards Solutions can improve your business: telephone +44 (0)203 441 4533 or email