Inurface Media | Bullring Shopping Center

Bullring Shopping Center




Bespoke Totem
Commercial Media Players
High Bright Displays
IP65 Enclosure

APT SKITDATA have been Inurface Media partners for over 5 years, our relationship beginning with Heathrow T4 Short Stay and continuing into multiple shopping centres such as Nottingham, Milton Keynes, Uxbridge, Watford and many, many more.

We have built a product range of Totems and Displays which are fully integrated into the parking database, allowing for rate adjustments to be immediately displayed to the customer at the barrier.

The end user (Shopping Centre) has complete control over the style and design of the content on the displays, the rates are displayed using the branding of Shopping Centre the screens reside in.

Using the Content Management System we provide the Shopping Centre can control every aspect of the screen, dropping in promotions, customer information and emergency messages whenever required, these can be triggered by time/date/events (such as fire alarms).

The displays themselves need to be ruggedized as they are located within harsh environments often outside the car park cover and exposed to the elements. The enclosures are IP65 rated with a customised cooling system, this is essential to keep the 3000cd high bright screens properly cooled and ventilated.


Alongside the displays the enclosures contain a commercial media player running the CMS and reporting back on information collected within the Totem. The commercial media player is capable of operating outside the standard temperature range of a normal pc, allowing it to constantly report back to base with temperature, fan speed, screen brightness, etc.

We install the Totems and Displays as single units. For Totems we create a concrete base, working with local civil and structural engineers for advice on the groundworks, the concrete base is then drilled out using a base template and steel rods inserted and secured. The Totem can then be brought to site and installed quickly, with power and data being terminated within the structure.

As with all our items we continue to maintain and support the Totems for 3-5 depending on contract and warranty, due to the rates being one of the most important pieces of information for the customer we offer a rapid response to resolve all issues, initially attempting a remote fix to immediately resolve, then attending site next day to fix if required.