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Working in partnership with Nugget Design and InStoreMedia. Inurface Media built a bespoke state of the art digital signage solution specifically for Go Travels needs. The solution was designed firstly to fit in with the store refit concept, by adding a showcase of stunning images to enhance the in store experience and attract new customers into the shops.

A second consideration focused on the demographic and local customers for the different locations. Using the capabilities of the CMS (content management system) from InStoreMedia we were able to start sending targeted messages and promotions at different times of the day to different screens across the estate. For example during the school run period you’ll see promotions for Disney holidays and other fun family related destinations.

Each of the high street locations offers competitive currency exchange rates with the ability to amend these either centrally from head office or locally at branch level. Currency is updated in one single location, the CMS then populates every single template with the correct rate which reduces CMS management time and the potential for errors.

55″ NEC high bright screens in the shop windows, across the multiple sites are used to advertise local events and activities promoting Go travels involvement with the local community. Different attractor loops run at different times of the day keeping the content fresh and engaging for both regular viewers and the passerby.


Inside the stores there are two main channels, one is used as a general offers and promotions channel, this channel is mixed with inspirational images of exciting locations. The NEC screens offer an excellent canvas for the punchy content delivering sharp images and perfect colour reproduction. The second channel is located in a ‘discovery zone’ which essentially allows customers to explore the different holiday types, such as safaris, skiing or cruises. Using a smart tablet the ‘explorer’ can simply throw content to the screens and be fully immersed in the holiday type of their choice.

Since the solution went live, footfall across the stores has increased, feedback on the InStore experience is very positive and Go Travel have a solution that is flexible, easy to use and future proof.

About Go Travel

Go Travel Ltd was founded in Chislehurst in 1999. A year later we opened our second branch in Petts Wood and in 2006, broadened our Kent operation when we took over an established travel agency in Locksbottom. On the 30th June 2008 we opened our 4th branch in Blackheath. We also have our own tour operator specialising in luxury escorted holidays for the young at heart