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Digital Wayfinding


IP55 Rated Totems


Inurface Media partnered with Here East to install a custom 6 totem wayfinding solution. Before officially opening the development to the public, Here East had already decided they would install a mixture of digital and static Totems to assist members of the public in finding their way around the local area.

The site is mixed use and contains bars, cafe’s and restaurants alongside the office space.  For this reason, the Totems can be used to not only show the location of the tenants and restaurants, but also for promotions and messages.

The Totems were designed by our partner Workshop2 and were built to Here Easts specification. Inurface Media designed the digital solution and provided the technical integration, installation and ongoing support and maintenance. They were also designed to allow Here East staff to easily change messages and promotions while staying on brand.

Within the Totems we have installed a 21inch screen, media player and cooling solution. The screens are a high bright commercial panel that can work in direct sunlight, the media player is a commercial player allowing it to contain zero moving parts and be passively cooled. A combination of these items creates a long term, low failure rate solution.

Additional features of Totems:

LED strips for night-time illumination, IP55 Sealed structures ,Full monitoring InUrControl system.


LED Displays

There are also 2 LED screens at Here East. The screens are 3.1mm pixel pitch, 4m x 2.5m LED screens designed to greet visitors as they enter SteelMill and TimberYard entrances and show content while the visitor waits at reception.

The screens are powered by a commercial media player to run their content, along with an HDMI switcher allowing Here East to plug in their own laptops to run presentations if required. All the equipment is stored in local comms rack allowing secure access while keeping it easy to maintain.

Inurface Media maintain the screens and resolve any issues should they arise, through our onsite support agreement Here East can log a call with our helpdesk and, following an attempt to fix the problem remotely and quickly, an engineer is sent to site.

About HereEast

Here East is London’s home for making, located in the heart of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. It is a dedicated place for individuals and companies who embrace and pioneer technology, share expertise and are creating the products of tomorrow.

Here East provides over one million square feet of dedicated and versatile spaces for creative and digital companies. It combines unparalleled infrastructure with a unique environment to facilitate collaboration and the exchange of ideas. Here East includes shared workspaces and public areas to foster a tight community, alongside a shared yard with space for discussion and events, a landscaped canal side and artisan cafes, shops and restaurants.

Here East is being developed by iCITY, a company owned by clients of Delancey, a specialist real estate investment and advisory company.

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