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6mm LED
Aopen Media Player

About icatching media

icatching media are a DOOH media owner in the transport sector, selling adverting space on their LED vans in the UK. Founded in 2015 by two entrepreneur from Liverpool they are really starting to catch people’s attention.


The Van Solution


Inurface media converted a Vauxhall Luton van and installed a 6mm LED display 3 meters x 1.8 meters with toughened AR glass in the side of the van. At 4000nit brightness it can shine through even on the brightest day.

The screen is fully powered by its own generator inside the van, this allows it to run for extended periods of time. An Aopen commercial media player, connected to a 4G router linking to our server, we can change the content remotely at a press of a button. The CMS is Signage2Go and is hosted and controlled through a web interface compatible with any modern web browser on PC, Mac, Tablets and Phones.

There is a GPS tracker inside allowing for both remote monitoring of the van and also the ability to use location based content, for example if it drives past certain buildings of points of interest the content can adjust dynamically.

This van’s purpose is for Digital Out Of Home on street corners events and any where the van is needed which makes it an extremely flexible and lucrative rental solution.

Josh Bunce – CEO of Inurface Media – “The van was a great, interesting project for us, learning about building a screen into a mobile structure. We have built a solid and reliable mobile advertising solution allow icatching media to provide DOOH to their rental client base”

“The great angle to this van is it can be used in so many scenarios, from festivals and night club promotions, to store openings and charity events”[/quote]