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About the Project


Inurface Media were selected by NHS Northampton for their Forest Centre clinic to install displays and media players for their digital signage network.

We were recommended by another NHS Trust to specify a suitable digital signage platform which would fit in with the NHS’s secure IT infrastructure.


An all in one Linux based solution was recommended which includes its own firewall and integrated software – avoiding any additional software or programs to he installed on servers or users PCs.


Customer access to the media player is via an Internet browser and logging in with a user name and password (depending on their access rights). Content such as images, video clips, animations can all be uploaded and organised into a pre-scheduled playlist.


The Forest Centre have found it particularly useful to show which staff are on duty for each particular day. This is set up on a Monday to Sunday rota, and is adjusted once a week by the media player administrator.


Inurface Media created the background layout which also displays the logo, time and date, information about the clinic/ ward and a message area for urgent announcements. It also displays a fire alarm announcement every Monday morning which coincides with the actual fire alarm test.



For more details about how we can assist your health department with a digital signage solution, please contact Terry.



About the NHS


The NHS is one of the world’s largest publicly funded health services The NHS was launched in 1948.

It was born out of a long-held ideal that good healthcare should be available to all, regardless of wealth.

“ We are all pleased with the installation at the Forest Centre, it is a clean and reliable install, the onsite staff have taken to the system and it is in very frequent use”

Terry Aylmer-Smith

Inurface Media