Ralph Lauren




55” ME55C Samsung
Advantech DS520 Media Player

About Ralph Lauren

The Polo/Ralph Lauren Corporation (RL) has become one of the best-known fashion design and licensing houses in the world. Founded by American designer Ralph Lauren in the late 1960s, the company boomed in the 1980s as Lauren’s designs came to be associated with a sophisticated and distinctly American attitude. The company’s first products were wide ties, but it soon designed and manufactured an entire line of menswear before entering the more lucrative women’s fashion market as a designer and licenser. By the 1980s, the Polo/Ralph Lauren name helped sell a wide array of products, including fragrances and accessories for men and women, clothing for young boys and infants, and a variety of housewares, shoes, furs, jewelry, leather goods, hats, and eyewear. Menswear accounted for 42 percent of 2003 sales of $2.44 billion. Womenswear was the next largest segment (25 percent), followed by fragrances, accessories, children’s, and home. Brands include Polo, Lauren, Chaps, and Club Monaco. The company licenses nearly 300 manufacturers and 100 retail outlets around the world. RL also runs 240 of its own stores in the United States.

“Inurface media is a great one stop shop for digital media needs. They provided a great service and have guided us expertly. I’d highly recommend these guys!’”

Sam Treadwell

Creative Services Manager, Ralph Lauren

The Ralph Lauren Project

Inurface Media has created bespoke mobile advertising units for Ralph Lauren.

The requirement was for a flight case to contain a 1500cd High bright screen, Aopen Media player and 3g Router. This allows the cases to be moved between stores, rotated and powered to provide a rapid digital signage installation.

The media player is located securely in a compartment as is the 3g device, all cables are neatly hidden and routed to the screen. The right hand side of the flight case has a bar for the store to hang items inside meaning the unit can seamlessly sit in a window without looking out of place. The high bright screen shines through the window even in direct sunlight meaning the advertising is fully visible at all times.

The flight cases are lined with Ralph Lauren denim so that they are visually very in line with the brand. At present these are situated in any 5 stores at one time, the ability to ship and install them quickly means they can be used again and again for store promotions.