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Reading Mall – Wayfinding


Digital Wayfinding


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Bauer 42inch Touch displays

Inurface Media recently worked with Sovereign Signs and Instore Media to install their first interactive wayfinding and digital signage solution at Broad Street Mall, located in the heart of Reading. Sovereign Signs manufactured the totems along with other mall signs and worked alongside Inurface Media to develop the client solution using the Instore Media CMS platform, Bauer Digital 42-inch dual touch monitor displays with a bezel-free design, the totem and Instore Media CMS software is well suited to a retail environment where a rugged but stylish unit is needed along with responsive self-service touch screen application. The digital display used in the totem for wayfinding also ensures crisp imagery when displaying advertising content.


The Wayfinding application highlights the user’s current whereabouts and provides a search facility to find stores or other services within the shopping mall, directions are also provided for how to get to the specified location. Several signs have been fitted throughout the mall using a colour coding system, allowing people to find their way with minimal intervention from members of staff.

Jason Shave (Inurface Media – Sales Director) ‘It was great partnering with a traditional sign company helping them on their digital transformation journey, the guys at Sovereign Signs have done a sterling job at Broad Street Mall, the totems look amazing in their newly decorated spaces. The wayfinding element shows off the flexibility and capabilities of the Instore Media CMS platform.’


Digital Signage allows businesses to communicate a wide range of information or advertising messages to customers and staff, it also provides a solution for quick and easy information updates with 24/7 operation with real-time dynamic changes. Digital Signage is a flexible, cost effective and a sophisticated method for businesses to incorporate a visual identity, distribute information and content, advertise or even monetise their assets.

As an established technology Digital Signage is being adopted by many, leading the way for exciting new opportunities.


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