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Inurface installs user friendly digital arrival & departure boards for Stena line

Stena Line, an ABTA member, is an international transport and travel service company and one of the world’s leading ferry operators.

Stena Line operates in three business areas: Scandinavia, the North Sea and the Irish Sea, with a network of 18 strategically located ferry routes in Europe. Stena Line has a modern fleet with a total of 35 vessels, including fast ferries (Stena HSS), traditional combi-ferries, RoPax ferries for freight and passengers, and pure cargo ships.

Stena Line is a stable and profitable group and is committed to providing passengers with the best service and experience possible.

During 2009, approximately 15.4 million passengers traveled with Stena Line. 3.3 million cars and 1.6 million freight units were transported during the same period.

The Stena Line Holyhead project

Inurface media has developed and installed new arrival and departure boards for Stenaline at their Holyhead Port.

Stenaline chose Inurface Media to develop a bespoke system which would integrate with their existing digital signage network, powered by IUF Media Manager.

The information system allows Stenaline staff to update arrival and departure times, messages and weather information on screens throughout the port and their large outdoor LED screens in real time.

Through an easy to use web interface, Stenaline can keep customers informed of changes to ferry schedules as well as deploying adverts to screens located around the port. Prior to our project Stenline were relying on a dated system which was not user friendly. This caused issues when urgent updates were required.

Stenaline wanted to work with a company who they knew could provide the needed maintenance and support for such a mission critical solution.

“We are extremely happy to have completed another successful project for Stenaline, I feel we really pushed the boundaries in usability when it came to developing the bespoke application, which sits between the user and our content management system. We are looking forward to expanding this system throughout the company.”

Josh Bunce

Managing Director of Inurface Media