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55” ME55C Samsung
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The Roundhouse in Camden is one of the most iconic venues in the UK attracting some of the biggest names in music. After attending many shows and being fans of the historic venue we were delighted to have the opportunity to work with them. After scoping the venue and evaluating the best locations we installed commercial A-Open media players to feed stunning eye candy to the screens throughout the venues different locations. Using a fully functional and intuitive CMS allowed the venue to easily change current and upcoming listings for the many events they host daily. The systems was designed to minimise the time and effort needed to complete simple tasks, the content is easily controlled and deployed remotely via an intuitive web based interface.

Scott Parker – Creative Technology Manager at the Roundhouse commented,

‘We were looking for a content management system to provide an easier way of displaying marketing/show content around our venue. We looked at a few solutions and found the Inurface media system to be the most complete and easy to use. Inurface media came and installed the units across the screens in the venue and provided training on the use of the CRM. The system has allowed us to manage, change and deploy mixed media content around the venue for use on public shows, corporate events and as wayfinding. The system is easy to use and updates very quickly after deployment. I have found the team at Inurface to be approachable and responsive in the event of an issue with content or the rarely the system itself.’