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55” ME55C Samsung
Advantech DS520 Media Player


YOTEL approached us in 2013 as they were looking for a digital signage solutions provider able to provide a high quality, end to end solution, backed up by excellent support for their hotel portfolio.

We now provide digital signage solutions for YOTEL in London and New York and we are looking to further integrate our technology across Yotel as the company expands globally. Detailed information on the specific solutions is available below.

Touch screen kiosk

We installed an interactive touch screen in Heathrow which provides guests with a user-friendly application to find out information about YOTEL, Heathrow and their final destination. YOTEL also had a requirement for 3D view of their rooms, known as ‘cabins’ and floor plans so guests can explore without the need for physical tour by hotel staff, freeing up staff resource. Further interactive features such as the in room menu, live flight and train information and weather are available at a touch of a button.

The Touch screen is a 32in Bauer Digital TSD containing an AMD APU for lower power consumption and high performance. The screen and fronting is IP65 rated so capable of sustaining 24/7 use from customers pressing on the screen. The software was designed in house by our development team.

“It has been fantastic to expand our network with YOTEL and develop interesting digital signage solutions for them. Creating their Touchscreen and TV interfaces was an exciting project and we look forward to continuing our work with them as they grow their global hotel portfolio.”

Josh Bunce

Inurface Media

Digital Signage

We also installed digital signage for promotional messages and guest information. The network is powered by Advantech media players and commercial panels show content designed by YOTEL’s marketing team. The media players run Sigange2Go allowing YOTEL to change the content remotely from either their London or New York office via an easy to use web interface. Inurface Media’s fully comprehensive remote support package maintains the media players to ensure smooth operation day to day with automated alerts to our support team if there are any problems detected.

The project comprises of an array of commercial grade high-performance Advantech media players delivering a sophisticated digital signage solution.

In room TV Channel

YOTEL New York were looking for a replacement for their existing default TV channel. This channel loads upon all guests switching on their TV in the room and is a powerful tool to both upsell and inform guests of promotions, events and public information in the hotel.

To keep the content interesting and relevant the software also pulls in music from the YOTEL sound architect Tom Middleton, this is linked directly to the SoundCloud playlist. The system is powered by an Advantech media player and distributed across their TV network.

Content is scheduled through Signage2Go, managed by YOTEL in house and supported by Inurface Media. This allows YOTEL the opportunity to quickly change messages to the guests and deploy new content. On top of this, additional information such as weather forecasts can also be displayed so that guests can access this information at a quick glance.