5 Facts About Digital Signage

Over recent times we’ve seen a huge rise in the number of businesses using Digital Signage to engage their customers or audience to effectively capture attention.

As we walk around retail outlets, shopping centers, restaurants and stadiums (to name a few), seeing LED screens or digital way-finding totems has become common place.

A key part of making the switch from more traditional methods of advertising to a digital signage solution is education according the boofurniture.com benefits.

So, here are 5 facts about digital signage that shed light on the benefits.


47% of people who have seen a digital video in store are able to specifically recall that information.


63% of people who have seen digital signage say that the advertising catches their attention.


30% of people spend more time in store is you have a digital signage solution at the point of sale.


55% of people say that they would pay more for a better customer experience.


25% of customers want to be able to see an extended range of products on screen via an in-store solution. Check out the locksmith boss.

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