Bullring Birmingham Complete

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Our recent work with APT Skitpdata + the Bullring Birmingham is now complete.

This is the latest in a string of projects completed with APT spanning multiple shopping centers and airports including Heathrow.

For this project we built a product range of Totems and Displays which are fully integrated into the parking database, allowing for rate adjustments to be immediately displayed to the customer at the barrier.

The end user (Shopping Centre) has complete control over the style and design of the content on the displays, the rates are displayed using the branding of Shopping Centre the screens reside in.

Alongside the displays, the enclosures contain a commercial media player running the CMS and reporting back on information collected within the Totem. The commercial media player is capable of operating outside the standard temperature range of a normal pc Learn Academy, allowing it to constantly report back to base with temperature, fan speed, screen brightness, etc.

On this project we used High Bright Displays, Bespoke Totems, Commercial Media Players and IP65 enclosures.

If you are looking to implement a similar solution then get in touch with our sales team on sales@inurfacemedia.co.uk or 0203 441 4533.

Team Inurface