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Dr. Martens hit the news last week. The famous fashion retailer was one of the first large high street firms to publicly announce that they would be returning furlough money they had borrowed through the Government, during the COVID-19 pandemic furlough scheme.

Dr. Martens Chief Executive, Kenny Wilson, explained that as a company, despite the difficult economic crisis, Dr. Martens had in fact seen a year so far of exceptional growth. Such success has left Dr. Martens feeling confident in returning furlough money borrowed between March and June from the UK Government, without significantly impacting the business or its employees.

But why does this matter to inurface?

As a company we are only as good as the great brands we work with. As a long standing client, we have a strong relationship with Dr. Martens and we are proud to support them with their digital in-store experience, making it more engaging and fun for shoppers. Our digital signage has helped Dr. Martens build brand loyalty, consequently increasing the number of customers purchasing their iconic products.

How do we work with Dr Marten?

inurface are responsible for the in-store displays across the UK and Europe Dr. Martens estate. Since 2017 we have been supporting the brand as they update and re-fit their stores. LED window displays and interactive touch displays encourage shoppers into the store and help the customer journey.

It is brilliant to see the brands we work with are thriving, especially in this incredibly challenging time. Right now we are doing all we can to ensure that all of our clients have the support they need so they can get the very most out of their digital signage assets and in-store technologies. Whether it’s highlighting promotions, explaining additional safety protocols or simply ensuring that their shoppers are greeted with the most visually appealing experience possible, our end-to-end solutions provide Dr. Martens with the help they need.

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