Illuminating Flannels retail stores nationwide through innovative LED displays.

Flannels, with nearly 40 nationwide locations, recently expanded into Sheffield’s Meadowhall shopping centre and Leicester’s Fosse Park retail park. In a bid to transform their stores into modern, digitally-driven shopping destinations, they partnered with inurface media. At Fosse Park, a bespoke LED ticker screen was installed above the ‘beauty bar’, promoting the section and engaging customers with dynamic content. Meanwhile, in Meadowhall, a collaboration with a design agency led to the installation of four distinct LED screens, strategically positioned to align with the brand’s identity and enrich the overall shopping experience. These digital solutions characterise Flannels’ commitment to modern retailing and customer engagement.

In Meadowhall's beauty area, we installed a 10m flexible circle screen with custom-designed modules, suspended from the ceiling over the beauty bar. Accompanying this, we set up a unique enclosure to support the modules. Our team also crafted content templates tailored to the expansive screen's dimensions. In the denim section, two 3m x 2m ticker LED screens were strategically placed to showcase the area. We additionally integrated a 3m x 2m ticker screen for the Louboutin brand, enhancing the shoe section. All digital screens, sourced from Bauer Digital, ensure optimal brightness for indoor settings.


A 10m flexible circular LED screen was designed, installed, and suspended above the beauty bar.

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