Gucci reimagines luxury retail with innovative digital signage solutions.

Gucci, under the umbrella of COTY, sought innovative digital solutions for their new concession stands to showcase brand content and products. They required bright, high-resolution displays for sharp content deployment. inurface media provided Gucci with a range of digital signage solutions across their UK sites, including 1.9mm LED screens and 19” double-sided bespoke enclosures, along with Seneca media players and Novastar control cards. These enclosures, designed for the concession countertops, displayed content consistently and dynamically. Collaborating closely with Gucci, we crafted unique digital signage tailored to their brand. Our remote support ensures constant functionality and content accuracy for Gucci’s screens.

The integration of Seneca media players within Gucci’s digital signage enclosures were designed for enhanced reliability. Equipped with ample ventilation and an internal power supply, these enclosures featured a thermal control fan system, ensuring 24/7 operation without overheating. Coupled with Navori CMS hosted displays communicating via a 4G router, remote access enables seamless content updates and maintenance, reinforcing inurface media’s commitment to efficient digital solutions.


Remote control enabled full support for Gucci, ensuring content and all digital displays operate flawlessly.

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