inurface media's interactive av digital displays elevate KYLIESKIN's retail experience.

KYLIESKIN, in its UK debut across Harrods and Selfridges stores, partnered with inurface media to enhance customer engagement through innovative digital solutions. Seeking to establish a captivating in-store experience reflective of its brand image, KYLIESKIN aimed to attract customers by offering memorable experiences aligned with its brand values. inurface media installed multiple LED screens at KYLIESKIN’s designated locations, showcasing compelling promotional content to entice potential customers and increase foot traffic. Alongside digital signage, and in collaboration with KYLIESKIN we developed an innovative app, providing in-store customers with an interactive platform to engage with products, tutorials, and reviews within the beauty department stands.

Our creative team collaborated with KYLIESKIN to design an app tailored for in-store product interaction. Accessible on designated tablets via store WIFI, customers can enjoy a personalized experience. These tablets are exclusively locked on the KYLIESKIN app and are equipped with bespoke headphones, featuring the iconic K, offering customers a private and immersive interaction with the brand. Shoppers at certain locations can also use their own headphones for added personalisation.

The KYLIESKIN app, accessible in-store, promotes product interaction, feature tutorials and showcases reviews.

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