modernising the QSR industry

Updating old fashioned signage with modern digital technology is a must do in the QSR industry

In the QSR industry digital menu boards are increasingly replacing traditional, static print. Digital menu boards offer dynamic displays that instantly capture attention. This allows quick service restaurants to be more flexible in offerings to their clients. Menus can be easily changed to remove low availability items or promote high profit items.

Our solution integrates into till or POS systems. This means we can pull in pricing in real time so that when till pricing is refreshed it automatically updates on the menu board. We’re perfectly placed to deliver stunning digital menu solutions. All of our offerings guarantee to deliver on impact, simplicity and flexibility, while eliminating print costs.

“Being able to rely on inurface Media takes a lot of pressure off of us and ensures that our guests get the best experience possible in our 10,000 capacity Arena. We recently brought our catering provisions in house and began revamping a large number of sales units around the venue with a fresh new look and digital signage solutions.”



digital menu boards for QSR

Digital menu boards are the complete all-in-one solution to creating mouth-watering digital displays in your QSR.

Digital menu boards are becoming increasingly popular as a replacement for traditional, static print. Our digital menu boards provide dynamic displays that instantly capture audience attention. We’re perfectly placed to deliver stunning, end-to-end digital menu board solutions.

Our software provides quick service restaurants like cafes, bars and fast-food outlets with the chance to be more flexible in client offerings. Content can be quickly changed to promote high profit items, or new promotions.

interactive solutions for QSR


Interactivity in the hospitality sector not only modernises your environment, but also helps speed up its operations. We can offer a range of solutions including digital check-in totems, virtual concierge, hotel room selection and digital check-out.

Interactive displays and surfaces can help with the purchasing and decision making processes. These solutions make it both informative and entertaining whilst the user is making their decision easier.

Touch screens add an additional touchpoint for customers to access your service offerings whilst in your space.

Our interactive touch screens are available in a range of sizes from small 10.1″ to large 65″ and can be placed across a number of environments.

digital menu boards offer fresh, interactive ways to deliver information and promotions in the QSR industry

content management

As an end-to-end provider, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the full package including managing the whole project for you after it’s been installed.

We understand that not everybody has the time or expertise to continually run and manage content across multiple screens. Our team are widely experienced and fully able to manage all aspects of the project for you.

people management


Our people management solutions have been specifically designed with a mix of environments in mind to ensure safety across public spaces.

Utilising the best and most up-to-date technologies, we have designed Access Control Systems, Thermal Monitoring Tablets, Static Thermal Cameras and Digital Hand Sanitisers.

Like everything we do, our people management solutions are fully flexibile in terms of design and placement. Whether you’re looking to monitor the amount of people in your office, or check the temperature of people entering your shop our team will conduct a COVID safe survey to determine where it will work best!

Are you ready to bring our digital world to your physical space?