retail digital transformation

the future of retail is digital 

investing in our innovative digital solutions will improve your brand experience both online and in-store 

We are experts in providing our clients with innovative audio-visual solutions. Our team have a whole wealth of knowledge specifically for retail environments.

Our team offers everything from touch and touch free interactive displays in-store, to creative video walls and high bright displays for windows in direct sunlight.

We work with clients planning flagship stores, delivering audio-visual solutions in new stores or re-vamping existing ones in a complementary style that echo the new and exciting flagships.

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We provide solutions that are eye catching and engaging allowing the retailer to change their content to better engage with their customers.

Our solutions allow for dynamic control of content based on conditions and also the ability to aggregate social media feeds, reformat and publish user-generated content to their displays.

We also have a range of solutions specifically designed to help staff on the shop floor, or in head office. Our clever audience metrics mean you can analyse your customers, build a target audience and centre marketing campaigns around their needs.

“The team at inurface media rose to the challenge and delivered an innovative LED screen solution that was both sympathetic to the strict building measures in place but equally offered us much more flexibility as a retailer to be highly reactive to product intros, trading periods, weather & events with its dynamic CMS which allows us to monitor and control centrally. All in all, very satisfied customers.”


digital experiences in retail

The future is digital and we’re ready.

The combined expertise of the inurface group of brands means we have been able to develop several innovative, unique and exciting digital experiences. From selfie and boomerang mirrors, to interactive apps and virtual makeup try on.

All of our digital experience solutions are fully customisable and can be built bespoke to your brand and project.

The content across our digital experience is also fully customisable. This means you can change it if and when you need – in keeping with your latest products and marketing campaigns.

Our NIKE project is the perfect example of a forward-thinking retailer rebooting their traditional approach in their stores…

interactive solutions in retail

interactive displays and surfaces can help with the purchase process. These solutions help make it informative and entertaining for the shopper to help their decision easier. 

Our range of interactive solutions are great to increase interaction between the customer and the brand.

Our touchscreens help assist both staff and customers on the shop floor with live stock levels. Our lift & learn allows customers to physically pick up products and learn about them through clever digital software. 

75% of buyers prefer to buy from brands that personalize the purchase experience

people management in retail

The global COVID-19 pandemic has brought a sense of urgency surrounding health and safety in public places.

Our people management solutions have been specifically designed with a mix of environments in mind to ensure safety across public spaces.

Utilising the best and most up-to-date technologies, we have designed Access Control Systems, Thermal Monitoring Tablets, Static Thermal Cameras and Digital Hand Sanitisers.

66% of customers say shopping technologies and innovations improved their experience

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LED screens in retail

Whether you’re looking for LED screens as big as the building you’re in, or as small as a picture frame – our LED screens are sure to meet your needs.

Available in a range of sizes and full high bright solution, our screens make the perfect addition to any retail space. Our LED will help to big up your brand and promote your newest products and deals. Our LED is available to place both inside and out, meaning you can reach customers before they even enter your store.

Have an idea in mind? Don’t worry, not all of our clients do – we’re here to help. We’re constantly inventing new ways to display our LED including our amazing recent project with Boohoo…

Are you ready to bring our digital world to your physical space?