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How Can Innovative AV solutions benefit Outdoor brands?

Recently, there has been growing interest amongst the public, both in the UK and worldwide, in outdoor activities such as hiking and climbing. This surge has significantly contributed to increased demand for outdoor clothing and gear from retailers catering to outdoor enthusiasts. For outdoor brands, this has opened doors to vast new pools of potential customers.


Who is the outdoor customer?

The outdoor consumer is, and always has been highly involved in the purchasing decision, with of them preferring to buy their outdoor products in offline settings such as stores, rather than online! The most important reason for doing so was for the opportunity to try on and try out specific products prior to purchase. For these customers – the feel, the fit and the technology used in the products they buy are crucially important to their final purchase decision.

This preference for in-store shopping poses a crucial question for outdoor brands: How can they create the optimal in-store experience to cater to these customers?

Enter cutting-edge Audio Visual (AV) solutions, These solutions serve to enhance retail experiences and immerse customers in their environment, offering myriad benefits for outdoor brands aiming to elevate their in-store offerings. Throughout this blog, we’ve outlined several ways AV solutions can be leveraged by outdoor brands to enhance the in-store experience for customers:

Instant Product Information

Introducing digital screens into stores revolutionises the shopping experience and provides the opportunity to give the customer instant access to the full depth of a brand’s product details. From intricate technical specifications to helpful sizing guides, these displays empower customers to explore and evaluate products thoroughly, to find what suits them best!

Consider the approach we took here at Inurface Media when transforming Sports Direct’s outdoor section. By integrating digital screens into their outdoor  ‘Shoe Spotlight’  –  we were able to seamlessly bridge the gap between information and product. Customers could jump straight into the details of outdoor shoes, comparing features and benefits right next to the physical product. This experience educates customers and also allows them to make confident purchasing decisions tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

Expanding on this concept, imagine digital screens strategically placed throughout the store, offering interactive experiences where customers could explore product variations or receive personalised recommendations based upon their preferences –  elevating the shopping journey!


Through the use of screens and camera technology, doors are opened to different forms of in-store interactivity. On a basic level, interactive screens could be used by outdoors brands to showcase their extended product ranges, that they may not keep on hand in-store, or allow customers to explore reviews of products.

Taking interactivity to the next level, brands can craft truly memorable experiences that set them apart from competitors. Imagine, for example, an area in-store where customers can undergo instant measurements and technical fittings using advanced camera technology. Particularly beneficial for outdoor clothing and gear like skis and snowboards, this innovative approach could eliminate the need for direct staff interaction while ensuring customers find the perfect fit for their outdoor adventures.

Outdoor clothing and gear is often full to the brim with cutting-edge material technology, boasting features designed to withstand whatever is thrown at them! Here, touchscreens can play a pivotal role in providing in-depth explorations of product technology. Customers can dive into the intricacies of different fabrics,  waterproof ratings and so on, empowering them to make informed decisions tailored to their specific needs. This immersive experience helps to educate customers and foster a deeper appreciation for the innovation behind each product.

Recreation of Environments

Using a combination of high-quality sound and screens, retailers have the power to craft captivating replicas of natural landscapes and environments right within their stores. With the power of inurface’s Audio Visual solutions, you could step into a retail space and instantly be transported to a mountain trail or the rugged expanse of a desert canyon. 

This multisensory approach serves a practical purpose for outdoor brands. By immersing customers in lifelike environments, brands can effectively bridge the gap between product and experience. Customers can envision themselves trekking through dense forests or rocky terrain, all while engaging with the products firsthand.

Real-time Changes

The use of digital signage at the front of stores means brands can tailor content for different scenarios. For outdoors brands, this could be harnessed to create bespoke material based upon variables like the weather. For example, if the weather were sunny and warm, then products and campaigns focused upon breathable, warm weather gear could be displayed. If it were to rain , then the focus could instead shift to display waterproof jackets and insulating clothing. Also, because digital screens can be changed almost instantaneously, you have the flexibility to update your displays multiple times throughout the day, tapping into the emotions and needs of your customers in real-time.

To finish…

These recommendations serve to elevate an outdoor brand above its competitor’s offerings. In a world where brands are always looking for the edge, creating a truly memorable and informative in-store experience using AV solutions guarantees you stick in the customer’s mind when it comes time to purchase!

At inurface media, we specialise in helping outdoor brands elevate their retail spaces to new heights. With our innovative AV solutions, we can transform your store into a dynamic, interactive environment that engages customers at every turn. From immersive displays to interactive technology, Contact us to find out more…