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Digital Wayfinding

How many times have you been into a new building only to realize that you are lost and you are just wandering around trying to find someone to assist you?

From experience I am sure this must have been frustrating and stressful to say the least.

This is where digital wayfinding comes handy. Today we will talk about why digital wayfinding is important for your business in order to keep your customers and clients happy which will eventually lead you to increase your sales.

With technology being part of our everyday lives, from smartphones to using google maps it is only natural that digital wayfinding is becoming a staple as its use has been proven to be really effective no matter the industry. From schools and museums to shopping centers and malls, wayfinding has always been part of a customer’s journey.

So what is digital wayfinding?

Wayfinding digital signage is a feature that helps users orient themselves and find what they are looking for and plan out their route.

An effective wayfinding system is more than just a feature that gives directions. When placed strategically throughout a shopping centres, airports and other big facilities the wayfinding solutions become a valuable resource  that helps visitors reduce stress, save time and improve their overall experience in your facilities.

3D Wayfinding

This is the most complex solution. It shows the map of your location in 3D allowing your visitors to be more familiarized with their surroundings all with a professional, visual impact.

For example, you can display a specific office or building in 3D and also show the route from point A to Point B in 3D. This allows you to dynamically guide your visitors with enhanced functionality while displaying a realistic representation of your business.

This solution is the most expensive however it also provides the biggest impact. It does everything that Static and interactive wayfinding does however it takes it up several notches. For companies that want to truly impress and provide their patrons with the most comprehensive, memorable, engaging and interactive solution…..they go with 3D Wayfinding.


Types of Digital Wayfinding

There are many different forms of wayfinding signage each serving the same purpose but also there are a lot of differences in terms of how they are built, their functionality, interactivity and cost.

Here we’ve listed some of the most common ones that you see almost everywhere and their unique abilities and characteristics:

DigitalStatic Wayfinding

This solution in its simplest form gives your visitors an easy point of reference through an electronic map. It shows your visitors where everything is located within your campus, Facility, and / or grounds in a simple graphic layout. It also has the capabilities to display content that highlights your upcoming events, company news on top of everything else.This solution is the least expensive as it is not interactive or engaging but perfect for someone on a budget. 

Interactive Wayfinding

This type of signage involves touch screen technology and it comes fully personalized. Which means that this solution guides an individual through your facility from point A to point B without confusion. 

The way it works is by touching the destination of their choice and the map will then visually guide them on how to get from point A to point B. This allows the guests to see the exact route they need to take to find what they are looking for. This installation is very similar to the Digital Static wayfinding however is more engaging and precise. By simply typing the name of their desired destination you can get the information you need wherever you are no matter your current location. For example our partner brand Merson Digital had a great success installing digital interactive wayfinding for their Royal Victoria project

Their goal was to create an outdoor solution where they could remove their reliance on paper maps and be able to remotely update plans when retailers change location. They were also looking to use advertising and promotion space on the screens as part of an upgrade to the tenant contracts.

Their goal was to create an outdoor solution where they could remove their reliance on paper maps and be able to remotely update plans when retailers change location. They were also looking to use advertising and promotion space on the screens as part of an upgrade to the tenant contracts.

Why Digital Wayfinding is better that Traditional Wayfinding

Traditional Wayfinding signage has been very helpful in the past. But static signage and paper maps would usually lead to asking other people for directions. Some examples are standing billboards and mounted signs of the floors and rooms at the reception.

By displaying only static information means  that it could be outdated, incomplete or not organized in a way that makes it difficult to find your destination.

Here is where digital wayfinding comes to the rescue. Compared to the traditional wayfinding solutions digital wayfinding has a remarkable advantage, some of them are..

Live updates

With digital wayfinding people can get the latest updates about their journey without confusion just with a touch of a button. No more time wasting on physically replacing outdated signs.

Detailed information

With static signage you only get the basic information, your location and your destination leaving you alone trying to figure out how to get to your destination. Digital signage on the other hand can provide a path and directions so you won’t get lost. Places like big venues and stadiums are some of the industries that have seen lots of benefits by installing digital wayfinding. One of our biggest clients Chealsea FC wanted to take their already engaged audience and enhance their experience to the maximum potential. Our team at inurface provided our client with bespoke wayfinding solutions that allowed Chelsea FC to navigate their fans around the stadium.

Search for information

While a static signboard might have a long list of rooms and floors, with digital signage you can search by category, floor number, or even by company name.

As we discussed above digital signage is the way forward as compared to the traditional ones the benefits are countless. But how could they benefit your business in terms of growth and profitability? Wayfinding is all about helping your visitors reach their destination in a safe and stress free way and that could benefit your company in many ways as well as many more that we have listed below. So let’s see why digital wayfinding solutions are important to install and how they can benefit your business.

Increase of customer interaction

Interactive digital wayfinding allows users to navigate with confidence around your establishment which gives them the opportunity to want to navigate around your space and familiarize them with your company.  Customer interaction is also essential for closing a sale. Every interaction is an opportunity to promote what you’re selling.


There are many ways to present information. You can choose from animated 3D maps to 2D floor plans to event listings and searchable directories. You can choose to present each element in multiple ways. It can allow the users to search the way they prefer. Alphabetically, or by rooms, floors and departments. This way each research adapts to each individual mindset and preferences.

Elevates your Brand’s story

Logos, brand names, sales promotions and marketing material are what brands consider to be effective in order to build a brand’s image. But signs can be a great medium to transfer that message across to people.

Wayfinding signals can be amazing if you use them strategically and creatively with the help of technology to help your message rise above the competitive market.

Eco Friendly

I think there is no need to mention how important it is to think about our planet and use eco-friendly products and practices whenever possible. These days it is a priority. With digital wayfinding you say no to waste of paper and prints. Not only is this more sustainable but also cost effective, as you don’t need to constantly keep printing information every time there is a new change.

Digital signage increases brand awareness by 47.7%


Through the years it has been shown that wayfinding is and has been crucial to our society. With technology improving everyday wayfinding solutions are always evolving to maximize its possibilities. 

When you are serious about making your business work, then you should also seriously consider including a strategic and creative wayfinding program into your business plans. The value will show with the increase of customers and the increase in sales.

As an end to end provider we can help you choose the right digital wayfinding for your business. 

Working with us, you’ll benefit from continuous on-going system performance through meticulous planning, as well as network, software and content management support and maintenance.

We have an extensive range of audio-visual solutions that can all be designed to fit each individual project.