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Reducing the energy consumption of your digital signage 

By now we know all about the cost of living crisis that is about to hit our doors this winter. It is predicted that energy costs are rising by 30%, which is something that concerns many businesses and are taking measures in order to reduce energy consumption this year. 

Although digital signage displays are more environmentally friendly than traditional, or paper signage they use a significant amount of energy that still costs money. 

We all know how important it is to save energy this year, but we also know how important digital signage is for many businesses as we have discussed previously on this blog

wayfinder solution in shopping mall

So in today’s blog we are going to give some suggestions on how you can reduce your energy consumption and whilst still getting the best out of your digital signage.


 1. Choose an energy efficient digital display

Yes, it might be a very obvious point   but it is also a very important point to mention. With technology advancing every year, it might be a good idea to replace your old display with a newer and more energy efficient screen. The newer LCD and LED screens are a lot more advanced and even if it is pricey up front, it will save you a lot more money and energy in the long run.

2. Switch off your screens when not needed

More and more businesses are now becoming greener. Climate change is real and we are living in a world of everyone being more aware of the environmental crisis and sustainability has become a priority. So having your digital displays on, even during closing times it won’t leave a great impression on any of your current or potential customers. So switch off your screens when not needed. This will not only help the environment but your pocket too. 

With the newest screens available in the market you are going to be able to schedule on-off times as well as schedule your content to play when necessary.

3. Keep the brightness in check

It is not news to say that in order to attract customers in your store a well lit screen will definitely help with that. But depending on the time of the day and the unstable British weather, screen visibility will range, so the level of brightness on the screen will also need to be adjusted accordingly. Ensure your screen has automatic brightness control that will adjust the brightness improving that way viewer comfort and saving energy at the same time. 

a digital screen in retail

Reducing the brightness of the display can reduce energy consumption by as much as 20%.


4. Pay attention to the content

When it comes to reducing energy consumption, the content of the screen is as important as the screen itself. So consider creating content in ‘’Dark Mode’’. That means, the lower the contrast the less power is used when creating the content. As an end to end provider we are able to provide you with the best option when it comes to content creation and with our agile approach to design means we craft the design in stages giving the opportunity to adapt and improve at every stage, using insights from the discovery process and feedback from both the client and users. 


All the measures we discussed earlier are very easy to adopt and it shows that a little effort goes a long way and it will help you save a significant amount of energy and money as well as helping the environment, which is an extra point. One of digital signage’s advantages is how flexible it is. And that means it can be easily adapted in any situation no matter the goal you’ve set in your mind, for instance saving energy. As an end to end provider, the inurface media team is here to help you get to your goals effectively even in those uncertain times.