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  • Daily Express
  • 14 May 2020
  • JOSH BUNCE CEO of inurface media Group

AS a UK business owner, I find the situation we are in is uncharted waters.

We are a nation known for our determination, our can-do attitude and our resilience.

But no one would have predicted the challenges we have been forced to face in the past few months, and those we still face in the coming weeks, months and probably years.

Having set up Inurface Media 10 years ago I have seen my business grow. I have gone from being accountable only to myself to being accountable to multiple businesses and their employees. The reality is my actions impact their lives and their pay cheques.

It’s a privilege I, and many other business owners like me, am very aware of and why, with the outbreak of Covid-19, we didn’t simply quit trying.

Across the country companies have been diversifying, unwilling not to fight and with the acknowledgement that more than the Government support packages are needed for the UK economy to recover.

Restaurants changed overnight to delivery services, retail offerings moved entirely online and factories transformed to create PPE.

Personally, one of our businesses has done just this, creating hand sanitiser from our base in Scotland.

Another has developed new avenues of tech, such as thermal monitoring cameras and hand sanitiser units with digital alerts to show when they are running low, to help our clients provide a safe environment for a return to work and, eventually, retail spaces.

Covid-19 has meant businesses being pro-active like never before, acting fast and flexibly as government guidance has come to light. It’s a challenge we are no means through yet, and sadly one some businesses will be unable to survive.

My hope though is, that with a renewed support for British industry and firms, eventually we will look back, maybe even stronger for the experience, and be able to see some positives from this incredibly difficult time.