Chopstix's dynamic digital menu boards: revolutionising QSR with LED displays.

Chopstix sought to modernise their traditional paper-based menus by integrating dynamic, digital menu boards. They aimed for these boards to adapt according to scheduled times such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in line with their transition into a breakfast QSR provider. The versatile space was designed to function as two distinct kiosks – ‘The Good Breakfast’ in the morning and ‘Chopstix’ in the afternoon. inurface media’s team facilitated this transformation by installing a 5000mm x 500mm 2.4 indoor LED screen, at the kiosk front, providing an attention-grabbing digital solution. They additionally desired to incorporate advertising and promotional videos. Operating on a Scala CMS, the screen content is accessible 24/7 from any web browser, facilitating easy updates with relevant marketing material.

Following the installation of Chopstix's digital screens, our commitment persisted through ongoing support. Our engineers offer 4-hour remote assistance and next-day on-site support. We conduct preventative maintenance, including yearly screen cleaning and inspection. With our remote team continuously monitoring screens for content updates and executing remote map updates via Scala CMS to prevent glitches, ensuring a seamless operation. On the very rare occurrence something does go wrong, the project included a 3-year warranty.

Chopstix fleet

A multipurpose space operating as 'The Good Breakfast' in the morning, and 'Chopstix' in the afternoon.

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