Jump Booth - Nike

Jump booth: Cutting-edge technology creating an amazing customer touchpoint.

In collaboration with Nike – Inurface media, alongside our sister company Xi, have implemented interactive Jump Booths in multiple Sports Direct stores across the UK. Utilising cutting-edge technology including LED Screens, a 3D sensing Camera and Microsoft azure kinect, the Jump booth challenges customers to jump as high as they can to reach a basketball suspended high in the air. Their attempts are captured in Slow motion with the use of a DLSR camera, with customers able to download and take their recorded attempts home with them The collaboration seamlessly blends technology, sports, and marketing, whilst championing athleticism and serves to create an amazing customer touchpoint!

The Jump booth boasts a 1.9 pixel pitch LED wall interface, stretching 3 meters by 1 meter. Strategically positioned within stores to maximize visibility, it attracts significant usage. On an annual basis, the Jump booth is used by tens of thousands of people, due to its prominent placement enhancing engagement! Its user-friendly design allows interaction without assistance from store staff, with each store averaging around 100 interactions per day.

By combining High quality LED screens with motion sensing technology, a seamless experience is created,

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Jump Booth – Nike

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