Selfie Mirror - Sports Direct

Elevating Sports Direct's digital in-store experiences across the UK

Across multiple Sports Direct flagship stores in the UK – inurface media, in collaboration with our sister company Xi have installed interactive selfie mirrors that act as a focal point within stores. Throughout the eight separate selfie mirror sites, inurface media have utilised prominent touch-screen displays alongside Snap-mask technology to encourage customers to take a selfie, using a variety of fun and quirky filters, that can then be uploaded onto social media instantly and shared with friends. The selfie-mirrors serve to enrich the in-store experience by bolstering Sports Direct’s experiential offerings and going beyond the traditional shopping experience.

inurface media installed the 55” 4K touchcreens, which serve as the central focus of the activation, equipped with boomerang social application and snap-mask software to allow for instant sharing of customer selfies to social media. The system is powered by i7 media players, which are intricately managed by inurface media through Scala CMS, to allow for a seamless operation with timely content updates.

The selfie mirror captivates shoppers with its innovative 4K touchscreen display and snapmask technology

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