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5 ways to create exciting digital signage content

What is digital signage content? 

Digital signage content is quite simply what it says on the tin. Content for digital signage. Just like digital signage itself, digital signage content can come in many different forms. Digital signage content can be displayed in a variety of ways on a variety of solutions.

However, just because you’ve got the best digital signage on the market won’t really do anything for you if your content is rubbish. Think of it like buying a car, but not having a driving licence – you’re not going to get very far are you? Whilst we can’t teach you to drive, we can pass on some of our expertise in digital signage and help you make the content that has an impact.

1. Keep it straight forwards and simple 

Over complicating your signage with bold colours and fancy fonts can sometimes cause more confusion and distraction than admiration.

Depending on what you’re advertising sometimes using simple colours can be better than big bold statement colours. This means using a simple color scheme that’s well contrasted with either light text on a dark background or dark text on a light background. This way you can let the copy, or images do the talking rather than overcrowding the screen. 

If you’re recognised by your brand guidelines, sticking to them can be very important. A brand particularly well known for this are McDonald’s whose golden arches are universally recognised!

Once you’ve settled on your colour scheme and font, take a look at your display and message to see that it can be easily read from near and far.

80% of shoppers say they have entered a store because a digital sign caught their interest

80% of shoppers say they have entered a store because a digital sign caught their interest

2. Check it, check it…then check it again 

There is nothing worse than somebody noticing your content has a mistake after it has gone live. Nothing ruins great content faster than a misspelled word or a sentence that’s poorly assembled and inaccurate. 

After you have produced your content be sure to check it several times. If possible, also get a  professional who’s knowledgeable of the rules of grammar to have a look over it too. A proofreader will tell you if your word choice is suitable and if your words and sentences flow well. Of course, your target audience might not all be grammar scholars,  but attention to detail can do wonders for your company’s brand image.

3. Get interactive and involve your users

Combining your signage and your social media can kill two birds with one stone, and boost engagement. The content on your screen should capture the attention of your audience. So why not involve them in the content creation process? Interactive content changes based on user input to deliver highly relevant messaging. 

User-generated content is created and submitted by your audience. This can provide a personalised experience for each user submitting content, as well as displaying your brand as a forward thinking interactive business. 

4. Include a call to action

Having brilliant content is good, but if you don’t include a call to action how are your audience supposed to know what to do next? With a CTA you can guide your audience in the right direction. A CTA lets them know what steps they should take next and how your business can best help them. With so many ways to reach out and contact companies these days, making things easy for both yourself and your customers is essential. 

A call to action can come in different shapes and forms. You can use your social handels to direct visitors, or you can encourage them to come in store and pick up a give away product as part of your campaign. Whatever your CTA is, make sure it starts with an action verb. This will help really drive home the sense of urgency that makes your audience want to act as soon as possible.

5. Keep the updates regular

Nobody gets excited by seeing the same thing all of the time. Just like watching a TV program, you’re more likely to tune in when it’s a new episode – not just a rerun.

Just like TV, your audience is more likely to pay attention to your signage when you’re constantly updating it with new and exciting information. But don’t worry, you don’t have to constantly come up with brand new content every single day.

For example if you’re advertising a new product you can display an image, display a review and display a tutorial or influencer video. Just like that, you have 4 different and exciting pieces of content that will help engage your audience. You can also rotate your content depending on the time of day. 

Many quick service restaurants use digital menu boards and rotate their content throughout the day. For example, breakfast items in the morning and lunch items in the afternoon. Some QSR even change their content depending on the weather. Snowing outside? Invite your audience in for a hot chocolate.

 You don’t have to change up your material every day, but you should do so at least twice a week. Additionally, periodically check to see whether the information and material you display is accurate and up-to-date, and if you’re using analytics, how well it has been received.

Making sure your content is as exciting and shiny as your digital signage is essential. As they say, content is king! Just make sure you’re wearing the crown properly and clearly communicating your message clearly. Digital signage is definitely here to stay, so getting a good grip on it is essential to any business getting ready to adopt it. Keep these 5 tips handy and you will be able to transform your signage in no time.