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Choosing the right digital signage for your business…

Are you struggling to chose the right digital signage? There is no disputing that digital signage can be quite complicated. Different brands offer different solutions, and consequently – different opinions! We have put together a short guide to help you choose the right digital signage for your business.

Give it some thought

Before you chose the right digital signage for your business there a few small (or actually quite big) things that should be considered; 

  • What is it going to be used for? 
  • Where do you want to have your signage
  • What type of signage is needed? 

 We recently talked about what digital signage actually is – a digital installation that displays video or multimedia content. Simple, right? Well not totally.

Each business has its own needs, unique location and purpose for signage solutions. This means ensuring the right signage can be quite difficult, because you don’t just want to copy someone else. 

How to chose the right digital signage; focus points

What is it going to be used for?

There are many different reasons to use digital signage in any business. From communicating with staff to advertising new products in dazzling window displays the functionality of digital signage is extensive.

Where do you want to have your signage? 

Placing digital signage in your space isn’t as simple as mounting a screen on a wall.  For instance you might be using your signage to display a menu for a QSR. In this instance you will likely place the screens behind the counter, but there are also other choices. Are you operating out of a drive through? In that case you might also want to display your signage outside. Do you want to provide a self service screen? If so you might also want to include a screen in the middle of your shop floor for visitors to easily access. 

Key factors to consider before installing your digital signage are also; 

  • What path does your audience take through your location?
  • Which areas receive the highest amount of foot traffic? 
  • Where do your audience spend time waiting or queueing?
  • Where do you have blank space? Window? Shelf? Wall? 

As you make your final placement decisions, consider the measurements of your signage locations. Make sure that your signage is placed where they are visible and easy to read.

What type of signage is needed? 

Based on the last two sections, what you’re using it for and where you’re going to place it can probably predict what type of signage you’re going to need. If you’re trying to help your staff and visitors find their way around your big swanky office, then wayfinding totems are probably the right choice for you. Alternatively, if you’re going to be placing your signage outside you will need outdoor rated signage. This not only ensures durability in different weather conditions, but also adaptability to brightness so the screen can still be seen in the sun!

There are a variety of options as we listed in our what is digital signage blog. The general basics include LED screens and LCD screens which can be deployed in a number of different ways. From LED walls, to ceiling mounted LED displays, or LCD touchscreens. So it really does depend on exactly how much you want to wow your audience, or how practical you want your signage to be.

Considering Digital Signage?

Unsure of how to get started? We can help. Whether you don’t have an idea in mind, or you’ve got a fully developed plan can help get your project up and running.

We have been delivering end-to-end digital signage solutions for a number of years now. We are proud to work with clients and deliver completely bespoke solutions. We can deliver anything from standalone totems to stunning video walls, with wide and varied options on everything from interactivity to audience metrics. We’re fully experienced in handling projects of any magnitude, enabling us to deliver the best hardware and software components to suit your exact signage needs. 

Our extensive range of software and hardware means we are able to combine any range of solutions to build a project to any budget. We are constantly providing new hardware and developing cutting-edge software.