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meet the team…

Amy, Head of People Growth

Amy joined the inurface media team as a Head of People Growth in September 2022. Amy is responsible for ensuring performance is on highest level for the ongoing success of the business. 
Amy is also responsible for recruitment, performance management, staff relations, and people development.

When Amy isn’t at the office working on strategies that will help the business grow you will find her occupied with her two children or at a theatre or karaoke as she enjoys singing after a few sips of wine.



Amy’s Interview

N- So Amy..‘What are your main responsibilities at inurface media?’’

A- To partner the business with growing our people; driving performance and development for the ongoing success of the business.

N- And.. ‘’Where are you originally from?’’

A- Essex. Up to the age of 2, making me an Essex girl. I’ve been living in Hertfordshire since then, and currently Borehamwood, by the Elstree Studios.

N- When are you the most inspired?

A- When I see people grab life with both hands; following their passion and doing things that make them happy. Watching talented people from beatboxers in the streets of Covent Garden, to anyone who can sing and dance, I’m a secret wannabe!

N- And could you please tell me ‘’What makes you smile the most?’’

A- I should say – my kids, which is totally true, but it’s also realising my husband has emptied the dishwasher without me having to ask! I can’t help but smile when watching F.r.i.e.n.d.s. – I’m still living in the 90s!  and musical theatre shows (again, I’m a wannabe)

N- ‘’Sweet or savory?’’

A- Sweet

N- ”What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

A- To avoid the cringe of sharing a self-compliment, I’ll use my 5 year old and constantly being told that his extra long and curly eyelashes are wasted on a boy!

N- So.. ‘’Which IUF project do you like the most, and why?’’

A- New Look has really come to life with the audio displays, making it more of a retail experience and much more enticing for the customer.

N- What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to try but you’ve been too scared to do?

A- A tandem skydive

N- What are the 3 apps on your phone you can’t live without?

A- WhatsApp, Pure Gym, Spotify

N- Ok last one.. ‘’If you were given 10m how would you spend it?’’

A- Wisely! After a few luxurious treats of course.


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