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Christmas; the most important season for retailers

The season of joy and happiness is approaching and more and more people are getting into the holiday spirit and are out there shopping for their friends and family. 

The Christmas season is the most important season for retailers and the competition on the high streets is higher than ever. 

It is also the first Christmas in years that people are making big plans but the Covid era has definitely left its mark.

Physical retail shops also have to compete not only with each other but also with the e-commerce shops that have seen a rise in popularity since the pandemic as it is a stress free and convenient way of shopping.

In order to bring shoppers back to physical stores experience is key as this is the main reason people still go and physically shop. So why don’t you bring the digital world into your physical space?

This is where digital displays come into play. The key to success is attracting customers with unique and memorable retail activations and brand experiences. Digital signage can in general play a huge role in upselling, cross selling and catching the attention of the visitors.

Previously on our inurface media ‘’ Top Tips’’ series Christmas edition, we have discussed everything about how to use digital signage effectively during this Christmas season

So in today’s blog we are going to talk about how to enhance your digital signage display in order to have a successful Christmas this year and we are going to give you some examples of great Christmas content that you can use in order to grab shoppers’ attention this year.

Now that we talked about some of the most popular places that digital signage can be used we can discover alternative ways in which digital signage can be incorporated into.

One of the benefits of digital signage is how flexible and adaptable it can be as it can be used in multiple ways and in multiple different spaces. So here we’ve listed other ways in which digital signage can be incorporated into.

Benefits of digital displays for Christmas sales

1. Attracts and builds traffic

Christmas is the time of the year that customers are looking for gifts for their loved ones. But also they are looking for great deals as it can be a very expensive season.

With digital signage displays you can definitely advertise those deals that are running in your store and attract more customers into your shop. You could also upsell and promote any new products that you may have to offer. Placing your digital signage strategically will help you further with increasing your sales.

2. Makes the shopping experience stress free

We all love Christmas shopping but there is no denial that it can be stressful with hundreds of people trying to do the same thing especially if you are one of those people who are rushing at the last minute. Retailers can reduce the stress of the experience by using digital signage to inform and entertain consumers while they wait. A great example is our New Look project. Featured behind every counter across the New Look store our expert team ensured a stress free shopping experience even when customers are waiting in long queues to make a purchase.

3. Keeps shoppers’ updated

Digital displays are a great way to keep customers informed of what’s happening in your store. With av displays you can navigate customers in different areas in your store and help them find your deals that are probably not visible on one side of the store. Digital signage boards are a must especially in big shops with different sections.

Digital Signage reduces perceived waiting times at checkout by as much as 35%

Why content is super important

We live in a fast paced world and in order to catch shoppers attention as we discussed earlier is by having a digital display installed in store. Why? The benefits of digital signage are plenty, especially during the festive season. Due to their flexibility, digital displays are able to showcase any kind of content from static to animated with crisp graphics and high quality images and videos.

After getting a digital display installed, your next step is to pay attention to your content. Customers are now familiar with technology but sometimes digital displays can go unnoticed in the busy highstreets where thousands of shoppers are rushing to get all they need for their loved ones. 

However if retailers utilize their displays correctly by displaying exciting content, will make shoppers stop even on the shopping rush hour.

So let’s find out how to optimize your digital display in order to have people running through the doors. 

1. Use creative visuals

It is no secret that Christmas is the time where shoppers are bombarded with all the Christmas ads from the home TV adverts to the DOOH advertisements in the streets and highstreets. And this is why it is essential to create content that will be eye-catching and will stand out from the competition. This can be easily done by using bright colours and graphics, festive images and interesting typography.

2. Highlight key products and special deals

Like mentioned earlier, promoting your key products on your digital display will keep your customers and the rest of the shoppers updated on your latest campaigns and offers. Incorporating Christmas ideas and suggestions into your ads will attract those who are interested in purchasing these kinds of products and will be helpful to those who are still indecisive about what to get. This way people won’t need to look any further and will purchase those products from your store instead.

4. Personalize interactive displays

The last few years interactive displays have seen great popularity, for the simple reason that it helps with brand engagement and awareness. People love Christmas shopping as experience is what physical stores are all about. Increase customer engagement with an interactive activation such as our premium interactive photobooth and gif booth. Many big retailers such as Sports Direct have incorporated interactive activations with the help of our team in order to elevate the customer experience in store which eventually led to higher profits.

3. Add a holiday countdown clock or calendar

Using your digital signage to show how many days are left between today and Christmas will build anticipation for Chrsitamas! A great example is our project with The Body Shop. For this project we designed and installed a 3×3 video wall that would run as a large advent calendar counting down the days until Christmas day.

5. Earn people’s trust

Even if you are a successful retailer you always need to appreciate those who support your business and decide to purchase products from your store. Appreciating those who make you successful will only take you a long way and will also create the feeling of trust. How can you do this?

  • Showcase user generated content

Customers should be considered your brand’s ambassadors, as their opinion is what will influence the rest of the shoppers to choose you instead of the competitors. So why not showcasing those faces who support your brand? This is what we did for our Debenhams project. With the help of our interactive partner Xi we installed the social wall to help the brand establish its social media presence. The social wall helps connect actual customers with the brand by making them the heart of the store. By simply snapping a picture and uploading it to social media with the #debenhamsbeauty the content is then shared to the social wall. This activation helps engage consumers with the brand and promotes the ‘real people’ aspect, with actual consumers having the chance to feature on the social wall.

  • Showcase customer testimonials and reviews

Positive feedback is always welcome as it has been shown multiple times to help attract more and more customers into your store. You can display your existing customers’ reviews & testimonials on the digital signage screen to build brand trust in new customers & push sales for your business. 


Adding a digital display into your store to promote all your amazing products this festive season shouldn’t have to be difficult.

With digital signage displays increasing sales should be as fun as Christmas time is for consumers. By creating an omnichannel experience like no one else in the high streets will make you stand out from the rest of the competitors giving you a leading step into the competition.

Christmas is near, so what are you waiting for? Bring the Christmas spirit  to your physical space with our bespoke AV solutions. Just contact us by clicking the link below and one of our experts will be able to help you kick start your next amazing project.