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AV solutions; influencing shopper’s behaviour

Nowadays grabbing customers’ attention is a lot harder than it used to be. The competition on the high streets is growing more and more everyday and on top of that, the e-commerce stores are now adding to the competition. 

With the pandemic changing the retail industry and making it more digitally driven than ever before it is only natural that retailers have to come up with new and innovative ideas in order to bring customers back to physical stores.

We all know that e-commerce shopping is very convenient and thus more and more people use it. For that retailers are now changing the old ways and are looking for more innovative techniques to provide better experiences to their customers. After all, physical stores are not only places to purchase a product. Experience is what drives customers back to physical stores and this is a fact.


This is where digital signage comes into play. Bringing the digital experience in physical stores and emerging those two worlds together, has been shown to be a very effective way to tell the brand’s story and increase customer interaction between the brand and their audience.

Benefits of AV solutions in influencing shoppers’ behaviour

In the past we have discussed all about the benefits of digital signage and why it is more effective compared to the old traditional signage. 

We have seen that digital signage has many benefits which enhance the overall shopping experience in stores which eventually has an impact on customers behaviors. 

Here are some ways that digital signage benefits retailers and customers alike.

  • Improves brand awareness

By offering multiple opportunities for spreading information it significantly helps customers feel closer and more familiar with a particular brand. From promotional adverts to interactive displays, 84% of retailers state that it creates significant brand awareness

Another study has shown that 55% of customers are highly engaged by digital billboards and are able to recall specific messages they’d seen in the past month.

  • Drives impulse purchase decisions

Offering customers inspiring content, an attractive price and engaging call to action can be a valuable combination. Digital signage picks up on those customer traits and helps with influencing shoppers further at the point of sale.

  •  Updated information and content

Digital displays not only look sophisticated and smart but also present information dynamically with content always up to date. Compared to static signage digital screens use brighter and more colourful animated content that guarantees to grab attention and brings your brand’s message to life!

Digital signage can help increase impulse sales up to 33%.

Many retailers are aware of digital signage and its benefits and this is why its popularity has been increasing over the years. Although retailers are aware of its great benefits they aren’t so aware on how to use it in order to help with shoppers’ purchase decisions and in general they are not so aware of how to make the most out of it.

Tips on how to maximise your digital display’s potential

Having a digital signage display is the first step you can take and this will lead you to the right path. But having just a display and not knowing how to use it and how to take advantage of it, it is a problem that needs solving. 

So here we are going to explain and give you some examples on how to use your digital signage display correctly..

1. Pay attention on your window display

Window displays influence about 24% of shoppers to make purchase decisions. That is a great amount of people that you can influence by just paying more attention to your window displays. Transitioning to digital retail will give you a step ahead and will differentiate you from the competition. Going digital with your window displays and having eye-catching content playing on the screens is the most important step as this is what is going to influence shoppers to make the important decision and step into your store.  You can even use a Scala CMS like the one we used for Dr Martens in order to have full control over the content on your screens by monitoring it and changing it depending on the campaigns and customer response.

2. Use innovative product demonstrations to upsell your products

It is a fact that with online shopping customers can have a stress free shopping experience that will allow them to compare products with each other in peace. With digital signage you can provide this exact same experience to your in store customers. Displaying your best products on screens and their features as well as similar products and instructions on how to use them will help your customers have an amazing stress free experience which will eventually lead to them coming back next time they are out there shopping.


3. Entertain your customers

Shopping is a way to have fun and relax alone or together with family and friends. So using some fun and humorous content will take you a long way. Implement fun videos, or sports news even youtube videos and keep the fun floating around your store.

4. Don’t underestimate customer feedback

Customers feel valid when a brand appreciates their opinion. You can ask for their feedback by the interactive digital display in your store. This is not only going to improve the customer engagement but will also improve customer satisfaction in the long run. Knowing what your audience loves or needs, you’re always going to be ahead of your competitors.

Content Ideas for your digital display

Earlier we discussed how digital displays can help influence customers’ behaviour depending on the way you use it. Displaying content that is fun, smart and engaging will definitely grab people’s attention. 

For instance you could display your social media feed or even create a campaign where your customers have the opportunity to share their experience in your store by just snapping a picture and posting it on their social media. For Debenhams we did exactly that and installed the social wall. Together with our interactive partner Xi we managed to help the brand establish its interactive presence. 

On the other hand you can even display industry news or world news to keep your customers updated with what’s happening around the world.


As we discussed in order to have a successful business it is not only about the products. Factors such as branding and experience play a huge factor on your success. People can easily find the products they need online, so experience is what drives people in physical stores and digital signage will be able to do that by bringing the digital world into your physical space and creating immersive experiences that will elevate the shopping experience in your store..