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inurface media Top Tips series #6 how to use digital signage effectively during Christmas time

Welcome to the inurface top tips series episode 6; how to use digital signage effectively during Christmas time.

In today’s episode featuring Georgia, our Head of Marketing, will be giving us her top tips, on how to bring the Christmas magic in your retail store creating immersive digital experiences that will wow your loyal customers and will reach new audience.


Bring the Christmas magic to your store with our Top Tips

The most wonderful time of the year is aproaching and digital signage can help you make this festive season even more wonderful. Digital signage could be just what you need to attract new customers or remind old customers that they haven’t shopped with you for a while.

Physical stores are all about creating experiences and in order to have a successful Christmas campaign you need to start from the basis. A good Christmas marketing campaign, although it’s important digital signage will help it take it to the next level.

In today’s inurface media ‘Top Tips’ episode, we are here to explain everything you need to know about why the the festive season is so important to retailers and how you can enhance your Christmas campaigns effectively with the use of Digital Signage.

So these are the topics we are going to cover on today’s episode in order to help you make the most of your digital signage during Christmas period!

1.How can digital signage benefit Christmas sales? 

2.How to use digital signage effectively during the festive season?

3. Tips on how to create a festive atmosphere with engaging content and interactive installations.

Find out more about how to create memorable experiences in store during the festive season today by clicking on the video below.

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