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7 ways signage can benefit your business

There’s no doubt you’ve seen digital signage in all different shapes and forms. Businesses use it in a mix of environments not only to target customers but also staff. Considering digital signage but don’t know how to use it? Don’t worry. We’ve listed 7 ways that it can benefit you and your business.

Digital signage increases brand awareness by 47.7%

What is digital signage?

There is no doubt that digital signage has helped us all, whether it’s directing us to the right terminal, helping us order our drive through food, or requested directions in a shopping centre. Over 52% of people say they have seen a piece of digital signage in the past week, but what is it?

“Digital Signage” is a subcategory of electronic signage. Simply put, it is a digital installation that displays video or multimedia content for informational or advertising purposes across screens that range in sizes and shape. Electronic signage is everywhere – in the street, in shop windows, on the side of bin trucks and inside offices; the possibilities are endless.

The capabilities of going digital with your signage are rapidly evolving. Long gone are the days where signage presents a sill image or one piece of video content. Going digital increasingly presents opportunities for the world of business, as well as actively helping people in their everyday lives with easily accessible always on information. So how can businesses make the best use of digital signage in their physical spaces?

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7 ways to use digital signage; using digital signage to your benefit

1. Advertise products and services

Digital signage can be placed in range of areas, in a number of different ways. If you’re a retailer, you can benefit from putting digital signage in high footfall areas. As your customers pass by you can target them by advertising new products or services. Alternatively, you can use windows to display your newest products or latest product offers.

For quick service restaurants (QSR), digital signage is a great way to keep your menus updated. Placing digital signage in your restaurant can ensure your prices in line with the most recent changes and offers. You can also update your content throughout the day in line with the menu being offered.

2. Entertain customers

Digital signage is used across almost every sector and industry you can think of. We have worked with service stations, retailers, venues and stadiums, airports and QSR to name a few. Many of our clients have used their signage as a way of entertaining their customers and guests in places like waiting rooms and communal areas. Using large-scale displays, you can easily display a range of entertaining content including display ads, custom messages, and other live feeds alongside your main videos and promote your brand message.

3. Explain value in a product or service

Advertising products and services is important but depending on what they are your customers might struggle to see their value. Customers are cautious in parting with their money so convincing them to choose you over a competitor is an essential part of the customer journey.

For a retailer it might be the quality behind the products, or the personalise experience customers will receive. For auto repair, it could be a parts and service guarantee. For a doctor’s office, it could be long-term health. Whatever your industry, make sure you’re communicating the why behind your brand, and how you’re different from your competitors.

4. Create unique experiences

Retail experiences are on the rise with 52% millennials saying most of their spending goes on experience. For many, simply buying products is no longer enough.

Most shoppers want to go somewhere and have a unique personalised experience. Incorporating digital signage into your space can help bring experience to your customers. From touchscreens, to touch free technology. Digital photo booths, or virtual try ons – signage doesn’t just have to be an illuminated sign in your window.

5. Share social media content

Use signage that is digital to share your social media efforts in your business and invite people to like or follow your brand. This can help raise your brand engagement and increase awareness of your brand. Use your platform to let visitors know what they’ll get by following your feed, such as the latest information or exclusive offers. Sharing social media content doesn’t have to be a one-sided thing. Not only can you use signage to display your own social content, but also your visitors. This can help other guests get real life insights to your brand, whilst also providing a personalised experience for each of your customers.

6. Make a profit

In some instances, renting out digital signage in a shared space is very popular. Many of our clients work alongside other brands to provide a space to advertise these brands on a contractual basis. Our signage is so adaptable and interchangeable that content can very easily be updated from a central hub at the touch of a button. With the option for unlimited messaging and playlist length, you may be able to get other companies to pay you to run ads on your signage, creating an additional revenue stream.

7. Promote your event/raise awareness of a campaign

If you are hosting an event, or running a campaign using your existing signage is great way to advertise. As we have discussed in other blogs, using a clever content management system means brands can easily produce, adapt and deploy content internally – or have an external team manage it for them. This means if you want to support a last-minute nation-wide campaign you can easily switch up the content.