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Many business owners are concerned over how they will manage and finance their company both during and post COVID-19. Recognising this, inurface media and Active International have developed a new finance partnership.

How are we helping?

In a bid to help businesses, inurface media and Active International, the world’s leading corporate trade company, have formed a new partnership. Our new partnership offers finance solutions that will support existing and future customers who are looking to purchase audio visual solutions from inurface media.

What does this finance partnership mean?

This new finance partnership will enable new and existing inurface media customers to finance their digital signage solutions through Active International. Our aim is to help businesses who are struggling to finance projects as a result of COVID, so that they can begin to recover.

Kieron Murphy, Media Director at Active, adds:

‘During these times of continual change, the one constant that all businesses face is the need to find commercial solutions that preserve cash flow and boost consumer demand. We are delighted to be working with inurface media to provide our clients alternative ways to fund next-generation digital display signage to enhance their customers’ in-store experience.’

How can this finance partnership benefit me?

Partnering with Active International provides our customers with the opportunity to use Active International’s trade model. This basically allows customers to use the goods, services, assets and media inventory of Active International to help them fund the cost of inurface’s work and products.

Experiencing first-hand the impact of COVID-19, Josh Bunce, the CEO and founder of inurface media recognises;

“We are a business individually, but we rely on other companies opening and running to survive. It is in everyone’s interest to try and establish a situation which is as safe as possible for businesses in the hope this will stop any further disruptions or steps backwards.”

What do we offer?

At inurface media we have over 12 years’ experience in offering bespoke audio visual solutions across the globe. We work with some of the world’s biggest brands providing end-to-end solutions, transforming physical spaces with digital installations.

Since the start of the pandemic, inurface media have worked hard to adapt existing technology so that we can provide the highest levels of safety for both our customers and staff. As a result, our technologies include many innovative safety functions for the changing environment. Our innovations consequently ensure a safe customer and employee environment for the long-term consequences of the global pandemic.

Above all, this new partnership will provide customers with the resources to implement any of our existing technologies, or commission bespoke pieces into their business. We are proud to offer our digital signage solutions to businesses big and small, across a range of industries, subsequently helping businesses to remain open and adapt with the times.

Think you could benefit from this partnership? We would love to hear from you, Get in touch with us today so we can discuss how our end-to-end digital solutions can help transform your business!