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meet the team…

Luke, Finance Manager

As a long standing team member, Luke is responsible for overseeing the day to day and overall finance strategy of the business.

On a day-to-day basis Luke can be found making sure the finance department is running as smooth as it possibly can, and keeping all of inurface media’s accounts in order. Luke also has close relationships with many of our long standing clients like Dr. Martens, a project he has helped work on from the start. 

As a proud dog dad to Kali of of the inurface office dogs, in his spare time, Luke can usually be found in a park willing Kali to avoid runing through the muddiest parts of the grass…

Luke’s Interview


G – “If you had to delete all but 3 apps from your phone which ones would you keep?”

L – Wow start with an easy one, Emails, Instagram, and What’s App or the weather app! 

G -What is your dream job and why?

L – I run an independent label and manage a couple of music artists outside of my work at IUF, so would have to be that I guess. 

G – Which IUF project has been your favorite to work on & why?

L – I enjoyed the Dr Martens roll out we did a few years ago, they are quite a cool brand to work with, also the recent Boohoo store at Great Portland Street looks very impressive. 

      G – How would you spend £1m?

      L – Maybe open a food truck serving tacos 

      G – If you could kill any fashion trend forever, what would it be?

      L – hmm most fashion trends I start off by criticizing then end                   up joining, socks and sliders is a great example of this, so                           comfy. Maybe get rid of the top know, but even this can look good           on some people

      G – Hobbies/secret talents

      L – I’ve played drums since I was 12 years old.