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inurface media Top Tips series #5 how to create digital interactive experiences in store

Welcome to the inurface top tips series episode 5; how to create digital interactive experiences in store. 

In today’s episode featuring Franco, our Head of Client Services for our sister company Xi; Franco will be giving us his top tips, on how to create memorable digital interactive experiences in store in order to elevate the retail experience and customer satisfaction.


Create Digital Interactive Experiences in store 

It’s 2022 and sticking a photobooth at the corner of your store isn’t probably going to inspire too many people.

For years we’ve heard about the decline of physical retail and the rise of the internet. However, the desire for retail experiences is on the rise with 52% of millennials saying that their spending goes on experience-related purchases.

In today’s inurface media ‘Top Tips’ episode, we are here to explain everything you need to know about how experience in retail is important and why creating an omnichannel environment in your store will be more effective in the overall experience and feel within your retail invironment.

So we are here to expand on all the topics below in order to help you understand everything you need to know.

1. How can brands use content creation to engage with their customers?

2. What are brands doing to incorporate gamification in the store experience?

3. How can we make digital experiences less gimmicky for high end brands?

4. How can we use these interactive experiences to drive customers’ buying decisions?

5. How can retailers use these interactive experiences to collect user data?

Find out more about how to create memorable interactive experiences in store today by clicking on the video below.

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