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Digital Signage Maintenance

The popularity of digital signage has significantly increased in the last years. A range of companies from a variety of industries are utilising digital signage to help them enhance their business in a variety of ways. As digital signage is versatile, so are its benefits, including helping to market products and increasing customer engagement with the brand.  

We want to make sure that you are making the most of your digital signage installation and one way to guarantee its longevity is by staying on top of aspects like the basic general cleanliness as well as the software and hardware maintenance.

So why is maintenance important in order to keep your digital signage as effective as possible?

Digital signage is only effective if it’s attractive and functioning properly. That’s why ongoing digital signage maintenance is a key component to any digital signage strategy. While a well maintained screen is eye-catching a poorly maintained digital display will attract attention but all for the wrong reasons.

76% of customers visit a store because of digital signage

Signs of a neglected digital signage

Poor functionality

When a screen stops working properly or goes dark, it’s a clear indication that the digital display has been neglected. People will start noticing this more and more as it will be particularly obvious at a certain point. Make the most of your signage installation by keeping up with the regular maintenance plan so your signage is as powerful as possible for years to come.

Outdated hardware and software

Another way people neglect their digital signs is by continuing using outdated hardware and software. Failing to update your system leaves you stuck in older technology that won’t perform as well as the newer versions. By not updating your digital signage as required means that you keep missing out on all the great benefits and latest advances that would help you reach larger audiences and keep them interested in your brand. 

Outdated displayed information

Another sign of neglected digital signage is of course the out of date information displayed on the screens.  A great advantage of digital signage is to be able to update information any time no matter where you are. By keeping the content fresh means that you get people always interested in your brand. By not doing so you risk people getting uninterested and losing a large amount of your audience.

Formulate your own maintenance plan for your digital signage solution

Keeping in mind everything mentioned earlier, here’s a few tips to help you create your own maintenance plan for your digital signage.

1. Hardware

As with any computer, maintaining the hardware of your digital signage is very important. Check the physical state of your digital display regularly to ensure any wiring is in a good condition and not damaged by weather, accidents or any other situations that might have occured. Hardware maintenance although it seems like an obvious step to pay attention to, many times it can be overlooked. After all, the state of your screen will affect the overall image of your store. So make sure it is always in a good condition.

hardware and software solution

2. Software

In order to prevent any technical issues such as glitches that could affect the performance of your signage you should keep up with the regular software maintenance. Like any device that’s connected to the network, digital signage can be vulnerable to security threats. Security patches are extremely important for that. By regularly updating your digital signage software you are able to protect your signage and your business from hackers who are known to take control of digital signage in the past and display offensive messages that could potentially have a negative effect on your brand.

3. Cleaning

Even if your screen isn’t physically damaged, the fact that it is always on display or outside means that it is exposed to dirt and dust that could pose a risk to its operation. Dust can clog up internal components that are necessary to your sign’s operation and potentially cause it to overheat. In order to prevent this from happening you should regularly have the entire system cleaned including screens, cables and digital players. For our work with Chopstix we provided an ongoing support and maintenance package that includes yearly screen cleaning and inspection after installing their screens, to ensure the smooth running of their displays.

4. Cooling

Digital signage is a great way to advertise your brand as one of its great benefits is the fact that it can display content 24/7 such as the window screens we provided at the new Sports Direct store in Birmingham New street. Since digital signage systems are constantly displaying information through bright lights that means that overheating is unavoidable if not maintained properly. So make sure your attention is paid on the fans, air conditioners or any other cooling systems. A neglectance of that could potentially damage and even destroy all of the other electronics within the sign.

5. Content

The content displayed on screen should be considered an important part of your regular maintenance plan. By regularly switching the content you keep people interested in your brand. We know that content creation for brands is a much tougher job these days. As an end to end provider, our team at inurface media is here to provide you with our bespoke content creation and production solutions. We are here to help you strategize innovative and creative digital content to connect you with larger audiences.

Outdoor VS Indoor digital signage cleaning

Although both outdoor and indoor signage have similar functionality there are some obvious differences in the way they have been built in order to withstand the elements. And so it makes sense to also have different factors that contribute in the way they are maintained and cleaned.

Indoor Digital Signage Maintenance

There are many types of indoor digital signage that we have previously discussed in our blogs. Here at inurface media we will be able to guide you through and help you make the right decision when choosing the right digital signage for your store. Our team of experts are happy to help you choose the digital signage that will fit your needs from digital menu boards to impressive video walls. We would recommend cleaning your indoor signage with a soft piece of cloth and soapy water to wipe them and then dry them with a clean soft cloth.

Outdoor Digital Signage Maintenance

Whether you choose to go with an outdoor interactive display or any other type of outdoor digital signage like the one we installed for Media City, you should use waterproof materials and high quality construction to keep your signage durable and strong. Keep up with the regular checks in case you need to replace supporting structures such as reinforcing corners to ensure durability and protection against fluctuating temperatures. Seal the display properly to prevent electrical components from degrading and lowering image quality.


The highstreets are now a place where retail stores are competing against each other for the attention of consumers. In a world so competitive, bespoke digital signage can be the solution to your problem. Digital signage has been shown to be the best and the most effective way to attract people’s attention and increase brand awareness.

But in order to make the most of your investment, proper signage maintenance is essential. As an end to end provider we are aware that planned preventative maintenance of equipment will help to improve equipment life and avoid any unplanned maintenance activity

For that we provide ongoing maintenance and support even after the project is complete. If you want to find out more about working with us contact us today and one of our experts will be able answer your questions and enquiries.