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inurface media Top Tips series #9 how to maintain your digital display effectively

Welcome to the inurface top tips series episode 9; How to maintain your digital display effectively

In today’s episode featuring Niki, our Junior Content Marketer; Niki will be giving us her top tips, on how to maintain your digital display properly in order to be presentable and effective.

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How to maintain your digital display properly to enhance its effectiveness.

Welcome back to inurface media’s top tips series, episode 9. As we all know by now digital displays are a very important part for any marketing strategy. In order to have an effective digital display maintenance is essetial. 76% of customers visit a store because of digital signage which makes maintenance even more important, while a well maintained screen is eye-catching, a poorly maintained digital display will attract attention but all for the wrong resons.

Of course  having an digital display is the first step to enhance your marketing strategy. But this is not enough. Maintaining your screen is equally as important as installing one.

This is what today’s Top Tips series’ topic is all about.

We are here to expand on all the topics below in order to help you understand everything you need to know.

1. Why is maintenance important in order to keep your digital signage as effective as possible?

2. How to formulate your own maintenance plan for your digital signage solution?

Find out more about how to create an effective digital sigange maintenance plan to make the most of your investment on the video below.

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