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Outdoor Digital Displays and Retail

Outdoor Digital Displays as part of a marketing strategy

In today’s highly competitive retail industry, it is essential for businesses to utilize effective marketing strategies to attract customers and boost sales. One such strategy is the use of outdoor digital signage displays. These displays are becoming increasingly popular among retailers as they offer a wide range of benefits that traditional advertising methods simply cannot match. 

Even though many brands are still using the traditional display method for billboards, digital displays have been increasingly popular as digital signage has lots of benefits compared to traditional signage. Some of the benefits have been discussed in our previous blog

Benefits of Outdoor Digital Displays in retail

What are Outdoor Digital Displays?

Outdoor digital displays, also known as outdoor digital signage, are electronic displays that are designed to be used in outdoor environments. These displays use LED, LCD, or projection technology to present dynamic content and messaging to passersby, customers, and audiences.

Here are some of the key advantages of outdoor digital signage displays for retail stores:

1. Increased Visibility

Outdoor digital signage displays are highly visible, even from a distance. They can be placed in high-traffic areas such as malls, busy streets, and parking lots, which means that they can reach a larger audience than traditional advertising methods.

It has been shown that outdoor digital signage reaches up to 70% of the public compared to only 45% for Facebook.

2. Dynamic Content

Unlike static billboards, digital signage displays can display dynamic content such as videos, animations, and images. This makes them much more engaging and attention-grabbing than traditional billboards, which can quickly become dull and uninteresting. Here at inurface media we know content creation for brands is a much tougher job these days for standing out from the crowd. Our goal is to engage and inspire audiences through adaptive brand experiences. With our digital display and content creation solutions you will be able to grab shopper’s attention and increase brand awareness that will lead to increased sales.

3. Real Time Update

Outdoor digital signage displays can be updated in real-time, which means that retailers can easily change their messaging and promotions depending on the time of day, weather conditions, or any other relevant factors. This allows retailers to stay relevant and adapt to changing market conditions quickly. Our bespoke Content Management System (CMS) offers functionalities such as flexible playlists, multi-channel support, workgroup and player management, and maintenance schedule. With that you will be able to update your content anytime depending on the relevant factors. This is why CMS is important for your digital signage.

4. Cost-effective

Outdoor digital signage displays are a cost-effective advertising method compared to traditional advertising methods like television and print ads. Once installed, digital signage displays require minimal maintenance and can last for many years, which makes them a cost-effective long-term investment.

5. Enhanced Custumer Experience

Outdoor digital signage displays can be used to enhance the overall customer experience by providing information about promotions, sales, and new products. They can also be used to display useful information such as store hours, directions, and parking information.

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6. Increased Sales

Finally, the ultimate benefit of outdoor digital signage displays for retail stores is increased sales. By effectively communicating with potential customers and enticing them to visit the store, retailers can increase foot traffic and ultimately boost sales. DOOH adverts are twice as likely to be seen and over 2.5 times more impactful than static OOH advertising according to a recent UK survey. This explains why the demand for DOOH advertising is so high amongst so many businesses worldwide.


As we talked about earlier there are many benefits of outdoor digital displays when it comes to retail stores. Digital screens are a lot more eye-catching with displaying dynamic content which makes them a great option for increasing brand awareness. Not only outdoor digital displays can increase sales but they are also cost effective and can be flexible as they can easily be updated no matter where you are.

In conclusion, outdoor digital signage displays offer a range of benefits for retail stores, from increased visibility to enhanced customer experience and ultimately increased sales. With their ability to display dynamic content and provide real-time updates, they are a cost-effective and efficient marketing tool that can help businesses stay ahead of the competition in today’s rapidly evolving retail landscape.