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meet the team…

Dan, AV Support Engineer

Dan is our AV support engineer and joined the inurface media team in April 2022. Dan is responsible for providing technical support for our audiovisual systems and equipment used in our various projects.

Dan is always ready to ensure that all equipment is functioning correctly and troubleshoot any issues that arise. As an AV Support Engineer, Dan provides technical support to our clients and our field service engineers on site. This includes troubleshooting equipment issues, training users on the correct use of equipment, and resolving technical problems remotely or on-site too.

When Dan isn’t working at our South Wimbledon warehouse or on-site, he can be found hanging around with friends, or his beautiful ‘missus’ and family. Dan also loves to play basketball in his spare time as well as attending events, and volunteering in his local Church.


Dan’s Interview

N-  So Dan, ” What are your main responsibilities at inurface media?”

D- ”My main responsibilities are to manage the helpdesk daily, perform remote fixes, support the field service engineers onsite and be an escalation point for the European Helpdesk.”

N- And.. ‘’What’s your favourite time of the day?’’

D- ”Morning, feel the most productive.

N- so tell us Dan.. ”Where are you originally from?”

D- ”Born in North West London, but have Ghanaian Heritage.”

N- ‘‘What’s a superpower you wish you had?”

D- ” Not sure if I can narrow down on one superpower, but I’d like the powers of Goku & Vegeta in Dragonball.”

N- ‘‘What did you want to do with your life at age 12?”

K- ”I wanted to be a scientist.”

N- now could you tell us.. ”What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to try but you’ve been too scared to do?”

D- ”Sky diving, on a mission to conquer my fears.”

N- What are the 3 apps on your phone you can’t live without?

A- WhatsApp, Pure Gym, Spotify

N- What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to try but you’ve been too scared to do?

A- A tandem skydive

N- could you tell us.. ”Which inurface media project has been your favorite to work on, and why?”

D- ”Running the World Cup Scheduling for Welcome Break, it was a challenge but also enjoyable due to my love of Football! ”

N-  ”Favourite food?” 

D- ”Roast potatoes.”

N-  ”What are the 2 apps on your phone you can’t live without?” 

D- ”Google Calendar – Plan My Life, Instagram – Love a reel & meme.”

N-  and do you have any.. ”Hobbies or secret talents?”

D- Love Basketball and played National League U18, but my secret talent has to be being able to relate to anyone.

N-  ok last question.. ”If you were given 10m, how would you spend it?”

N- ok so last one.. ”If you were given 10m how would you spend it?”

D- I’d retire my mum, clear any family debts, and use the money to secure our future. Use the money to repay some of the people who’ve helped me along the way.


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