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Sports Direct Manchester Flagship

Sports Direct have opened its five-floor Manchester flagship store, powered by our innovative AV solutions. The extravaganza of displays, LEDs, and interactive tech has transformed the retail unit into an awe-inspiring experiential shopping hub, creating the ultimate destination for consumers.

Within the store, consumers can form a deeper connection with Sports Direct and the individual brands within the store using interactive AV solutions.

selfie & boomerang mirrors

The new store features an impressive 104 individual displays – 29 LCD and 68 LED displays, including the largest fixed indoor screen within a retail store in Manchester. The store also contains – 181sqm of LEDs, which is almost enough to fill an entire singles tennis court, as well as five interactive tablets, two projectors, and interactive jump booths. A 22.5sqm COB LED archway welcomes consumers into the store, followed by LED rafts and tickers – the displays comprise 35,841,664 LED pixels, providing a jaw-dropping visual experience.

Transforming Retail

The aim of the new store is to engage and inspire consumers, creating a retail experience unlike any other in Manchester. Working in collaboration with design agencies The One Off and EB Designs, we have worked directly with sporting and lifestyle brands including Under Armour, Puma, Adidas, and GAME to provide a mix of AV solutions.

Our sister company created 2 and installed 2 interactive installs, a Jump Booth and Hang Tough – a new challenge: 

Jump Booth

A bespoke jump booth will play on users’ sporting competitiveness and measure just how high they can jump using body recognition technology. The installation then creates a slow-motion playback and allows individuals to cement their positions on a leader board and take the content away with them.

Hang tough

A bespoke unit that captures how long customers can hang, with displays featuring a countdown timer, personal score and a leadership board for all to see.

“This is the third flagship installation we have completed for Sports Direct and like the others, it has been equal parts challenging and exciting. Our aim was to create a bespoke installation that would maximise the power of technology to deliver the ultimate customer experience while making Sports Direct stand head and shoulders above every other retailer in the city. As a flagship store, Manchester is an important retail hub for Sports Direct. It’s been a privilege to manage its transformation and we can’t wait to see how our installation is received by the public.”


Josh Bunce

Founder & CEO, inurface media