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meet the team…

Freddie, New Clients Services Manager

Freddie joined the inurface media team as a New Client Services Manager in May 2021. Freddie is responsible for onboarding new clients and developing working relationships.
Freddie  ensures that clients receive the highest standard of service possible from their company.

When Freddie isn’t coaching and supporting team members to help them meet company goals or offering advice to clients on products or services he can be found watching his favourite football team matches at the stadium.


Freddie’s Interview


N- ‘’What’s your favourite time of the day?’’

F- ‘’Lunchtime, because I get to catch up with the team!’’

N- and ‘’What are your main responsibilities at inurface media?’’

F- ‘’Trying to organize new business meetings, while also managing existing accounts’’

N- ‘’What is a fact about you that people would be interested to hear?’’

F- ‘’I have a season ticket to Chelsea football club – COYB’’

N- ‘’What’s one city you’ve always dreamed of traveling to?’’

F- ‘’Lima, Peru’’

N- so.. ’’Which IUF project do you like the most, and why?’’

F- ‘’Sports Direct – it’s the store I walk past the most in London and it continues to stand out’’



N- and ‘’If you could listen to one song for the rest of your life, which songwould be?’’

F- ‘’She is a belter – Gerry Cinnamon’’

N- ‘’Favourite food?’’

F- ‘’Greek honey yogurt’’

N- ‘’Where are you originally from’’

F- ‘’Surrey’’

N- ‘’What are the 3 apps on your phone you can’t live without?’’

F- ‘’Whatsapp, Spotify, Deliveroo’’

N- and last one ‘’If you were given 10m how would you spend it?’’

F- ‘’Travel South America’’