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Importance of digital signage in retail stores

We all should know by now how important digital signage is in retail and the impact it has in brand awareness. No matter the size of the business or the industry, digital signage should be a priority in order to take your business further for long term success. 

In a previous blog we have seen the numerous benefits of digital signage. From the dynamic visual content to real time updates and social media updates as well as the cost effectiveness of it all.

As the retail landscape has changed over the past few years, many digital devices have been shaping the shopping journey of customers. Digital signage is a great technology to use for creating this omnichannel experience and by integrating it you can lead your brand to success. But utilizing it the right way will make a significant difference in the retail experience.

boohoo project

For digital signage that difference can be made with the use of the right Content Management System (CMS).

The Content Management System is one of the major elements of every digital signage network.


So what is a Content Management System (CMS) ?

Digital signage systems are typically made of three major components:

  • On-premise hardware that displays content
  • The content itself (images, videos, data, programming rules)
  • Content Management System (CMS)

A content management system, often referred as CMS, is software that helps users create, manage, and modify content on a website without the need for specialized technical knowledge.

To put it into simple words; a signage CMS is the computer software that allows you to display media files such as videos and images on screens. Also, it helps you create playlists and screen layouts using the media files you uploaded. Additionally, it offers you the ability to schedule content and manage your screens, no matter where they are. Your CMS software is the command center for your digital signage deployment. Nothing can be displayed on your TVs if it doesn’t go through the CMS. Most importantly, it should be easy to use and offer reliable, seamless service.

So what are the benefits of CMS for digital signage?

Benefits of CMS in digital signage

A CMS helps you display content on screens no matter where you are. It helps you upload, edit and schedule content. It also quickly identifies any glitches that could be happening with overviews of your digital signage deployment so you can act on that information given as soon as possible.

A digital signage content management system unlocks real-time marketing while being user friendly and cost effective. It offers functionalities such as flexible playlists, multi-channel support, workgroup and player management, and maintenance schedule.

Here are several benefits that a digital signage content management system offers.

  1. Schedule Management

The most important advantage of CMS is the ability to schedule for multiple screens. They are super easy to use and retailers can control the content across numerous screens at the click of a button without having to be at the store physically which eventually makes it time efficient and cost effective. For instance, our team at inurface designed, built and installed several LED screens across all 3 floors of the Regents Street building for the Boohoo project, with each screen having the capabilities to run in unison with the same content or display different content.

2. Flexibility

A digital signage content management system lets you quickly upload files, such as videos, images and documents. Also, it supports various file formats, so you don’t have to waste time on format conversions.

43.6% of all websites use a custom-made CMS.

You can also add clients’ feedback, give your audience a glimpse of behind the scenes and highlight your greatest achievements. Whether that’s a historical figure or a contemporary artist, digital signage is a great tool to help you engage with your audience.

Choosing the right digital signage CMS for your business

Firstly, think of how you want your digital signage screens to help your business. Choosing a CMS must support your growth strategy, as well as providing an easy to use approach that helps teams get the job done fast.  There are so many options available in the market that can become seriously overwhelming! As a result, we believe you should have a list of contributing factors that you want as standard from your digital signage supplier:

strategy & concept design solutions
  • A great but simple CMS and and easy to navigate experience
  • A level of communication between screens, devices, tablets, smartphones, etc.
  • Pricing that will be cost effective

Taking in consideration the previous points we will explain why these factors are important and in helping you make the best decision possible.

1.  Simplistic CMS and product experience

Who wants to spend hours trying to figure out how they can make a software work when there are many available options in the market that can be easily usable like well designed products you use in your everyday life such as Dropbox, Facebook and many more. Your digital signage CMS should be made of the same stuff. Uploading an image or video to your digital signage CMS should be as easy as uploading an image to Facebook, something as easy as everyone can do.

2. Communication between screens

If a digital signage CMS is claiming to be simple to use, why do you need a company employee to show you how to use it? Try before you buy and remember that if you need someone to help you learn the system, your staff and the next in line will too.

3. Cost

There are a few different cost models within digital signage where you could make a monthly subscription payment or a one-off licensing fee. Working with us you will be able to cover any part of your project and with our end to end solutions. That includes our CMS services. We work with Scala and Navori to ensure all the content we push through our screens runs smoothly and to the best possible standard.



Retail digital signage helps retailers to enhance the customer experience, increase engagement and increase sales. To create a successful business though, it is not only important to invest in digital signage but also equally important is to partner with a reliable team to ensure optimal support.

Having clever, eye-catching and engaging advertising content is key for any business but this is only made possible through using a reputable content management system (CMS).