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Georgia, Marketing Executive

Georgia joined the inurface media team as a Marketing Executive in October 2020. Georgia is responsible for overseeing and developing marketing campaigns and maintaining the website by looking at data analytics to organize events and promotional activities.


Georgia is responsible for overseeing the marketing department at inurface. Georgia ensures to look at analytics and come up with appropriate courses of action, produce written and multimedia content and run social media channels.

When Georgia isn’t organizing events or creating marketing strategy plans she can be found doing her favourite workouts or spending time with friends and family.


Georgia’s Interview



G – “How do you start your day?”

G- ‘’Days I work from home, I get up about 6:15am to kill myself with a 45 minute HITT workout before a very large coffee. Days in the office I get up around the same time, but skip straight to the coffee before the long commute.’’

N- ‘’When are you the most inspired?’’

G- ‘’Probably after my workouts because I usually think I won’t make it through to the end but always seem to!’’

N- ‘’What are your main responsibilities at inurface media?’’

G- ‘’Anything and everything to do with marketing… marketing strategy, copywriting, overseeing social, event planning, website maintenance (the list goes on)..’’

N- ‘’Where are you originally from?’’

G- ‘’The good old North East – Darlington (half way between York and Newcastle for everyone who has never heard of Darlington in their life)’’

N- ’’What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to try but you’ve been too scared to do?’’

G- ‘’Sounds very pathetic but literally getting the top of my ear pierced but I am terrified of the pain and needles…’’

N- ‘’Vintage or new?’’

G- ‘’New, 100%’’

N- ‘’Which IUF project do you like the most, and why?’’

G- ‘’Boohoo Great Portland Street, it was the first project

I was really involved in when I joined the team and the first site I went to.’’

N- ‘’What are the 3 apps on your phone you can’t live without?’’

G- ‘’Whatsapp, Instagram, Myfitness pal (sad)’’

N- ‘’Favorite snack?’’

G- ‘’Crisps all day long (or wine if you can class that as a snack??)’’

N- ‘’If you were not living in London, where would you be living?’’

G- ‘’So I actually live in Essex which is just outside of London, but if I didn’t live here I’d love to live in the country in the middle of nowhere, south west England area…or somewhere hot!!!’’