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inurface media Top Tips series #1 Experiential Retail

Our new series that launches today ‘’Top Tips’’  will be able to answer some of the most common questions we get on a daily basis. 

You could be looking to upgrade your retail experience or create customer loyalty, you could be looking for answers on how to improve employee engagement within your company by transforming your corporate space or you could be just curious about the latest innovative technology in the retail industry and more. 

Whatever the reason that brought you here, don’t worry.. You’re in the right place.


With our new series Top Tips we will be able to give you the answers you are looking for.

As an end to end audio visual provider, we are here from the very first start of your journey, to guide you through.. From learning all about digital signage and audio solutions to helping you bring your vision to life and maintaining it.

So welcome aboard, relax, maybe grab yourself a notebook and come with us to explore the unlimited knowledge we will be offering you regarding digital signage!

Experiential Retail

On today’s episode Kit will be talking to us about Experiential Retail. By the end of the video we will be able to understand what is Experiential Retail and why is it important for a business.

The recent boom in technology has got traditional brick and mortar retailers questioning their purpose in the market.

More consumers are now choosing to shop online vs in-store.

Nowadays, consumers can access goods straight from their phones without even having to get up. But why would people go to the effort of leaving home to stand in long queues, just to buy something they can get online? E-commerce stores often provide the same high street products at a more competitive price, with next or even same day delivery.

So why would consumers go in-store if the experience they receive is no different to the one they get online?

Experiential retail has become the biggest factor when it comes to improving customer experience and brand loyalty and has become a priority for every business who wants to succeed. 

In today’s episode we will be answering the following questions.

  • What is experiential retail?
  • Why is experiential retail important?
  • Which technology is used in experiential retail?
  • How can inurface media help you?

Are you interested in finding out more about Experiential retail?  Click on the video above and get your questions answered now.

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