inurface media's LED screens transform HMV storefronts nationwide.

inurface media worked with HMV on several retail spaces across the UK, installing a range of LED screens in their store windows. Strategically positioned in the store front windows to attract passing customers, these screens showcase various advertising content, including deals, promotions, and new releases, while reinforcing the HMV brand. Ensuring screen brightness in all weather conditions was a primary challenge. To overcome this ensure visiblity to passersby, the team devised a custom template for a large-scale rollout of a window totem. This totem encases a Bauer Digital LED screen, which operates via a built-in media player controlling HMV’s content playlist.

Thanks to an initial trial rollout, the totem has now been rolled out across 16 stores nationwide, located in both shopping centers and high streets. Overall, inurface media has worked closely with HMV to create a digital display that meets their needs, effectively showcasing their brand and product offerings in an attention-grabbing way.


A tailored window totem was designed and deployed for a large-scale rollout across 16 locations.

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