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The Role of Marketing

Looking to improve in-store marketing? We have 5 ways digital signage can help you. As you know, marketing is essential for any and every business to get their brand recognised. Having a mix of marketing channels is also essential. The most popular choices for brands with physical stores are websites, social media, print ads, mobile ads and TV, but it doesn’t stop there.

Whilst all of these tactics are essential to get customers into store, simply ending your marketing efforts there would be a bit like hitting the self destruct button. Marketing doesn’t and can’t stop as soon as your customers put a toe through the door. 

Over to digital signage 

After all of your efforts to get your customers to your store, don’t leave them customers hanging. Hand over your efforts to in-store tools like digital signage and let simple solutions do the hard work. Incorporating digital signage doesn’t just aid what your other marketing channels are doing, but it also adds to them and ensures an omnichannel experience in your store. 

The benefits of in store digital signage are quite extensive, so we have narrowed them down to 5 key benefits we think would help your business improve in-store marketing.

Improve in-store marketing with digital signage

1. Educate exisiting and new customers

Don’t assume all of your customers know exactly what you offer, or how to use your products. Many products can be confusing and difficult to use, especially to new customers in your store. So make life easier for your customers and offer them a little help. Using a digital screen you can provide a simple video tutorial of how a product can work. Alternatively, you can use the screen as a live feed for online reviews to bring a real life element to your store. 

You can also display information about products that might complement each other, or questions that are frequently asked about specific products. Having the best information you can readily available for your customers can make their and your lives easier – especially if your staff are busy and they can’t find anybody to physically help.

2. Create customer loyalty

Placing screens near your most popular products with a place for your customers to enter their details and sign up to receive updates can encourage sign ups. This means you can then notify customers with specific discounts, sales or special offers to encourage repeat purchases. 

Do you have a loyalty program or app? Using digital screens you can also offer your customers the chance to ‘sign up’ and receive discounts and updates straight to their inbox. You can even encourage them into purchasing something on their first visit in store with discounts for signing up there and then. Placing screens with kind of content near the tills increase sign up rate with more customers being likely to sign up whilst they wait to pay, reducing their waiting time.

3. Promote new products and sales

Using digital signage for in-store promotions is one of the most effective ways it can be used. If you’re a brand regularly releasing lots of new products using digital solutions to promote them can be extremely cost effective, but also extremely easy! Digital screens are everywhere, so most customers are used to looking for them whilst they’re shopping to find out about the newest and most exciting products or sales. Operating your digital screens with a clever CMS means you can pre-schedule regular changes to match your product launches and sales without you really having to do much hard work!

If you’re running a specific campaign you want your customers to know about, digital signage can be a great way to tell them about it. Putting a digital sign in your window with eye catching content about your latest charity campaign will instantly draw attention to your store and entice customers through the door. Syncing screens within the store to display similar content with additional information will continue to give visitors all the information they need.

4. Upsell on sales

Do you have a few products that complement each other and are frequently bought together? By placing a screen near product displays you can easily encourage your customers to buy more products. Whether you’re displaying the complimentary products, or you’re displaying reviews or social media posts that customers have posted your customers will have an overall improved experience and be more likely to buy the extra products because they trust they will enjoy them.

5. Increase brand recognition

75% of customers say they use social media as part of their buying process. This includes both before and during their visit to stores, and sees customers researching not only specific products but also the brand as a whole to check them out. You can help satisfy curiosity whilst increasing recognition and delivering your brand values by using screens to show videos or images that represent your brand identity. This will help customers to identify with your brand by understanding your values and recognising the true story behind your brand, opposed to just displaying endless ads and product promotions.

Digital signage won’t just complement your in store marketing efforts, it will enhance your overall strategy. Being clever with your digital solutions will help ensure a smooth transition for your customers between your virtual and physical stores – creating a true omnichannel environment. But don’t take our word for it, check out our case studies.