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Digital Retail Transformation

It’s not a secret that brick and mortar stores have been facing a crisis during and after covid with competition from their e-commerce counterparts. So it only makes sense that the physical stores have to keep up with the times in order to stay relevant and attractive to consumers that are now back on high streets with even higher expectations than ever before.

In order to bring customers back to physical stores retailers have to tweak their strategies and find smart ways to grab passers by attention as the competition is bigger every year. Consequently, digital transformations in retail stores are significantly increasing across the globe. 

Digital Signage is now part of many retailers marketing strategies and it is now considered an investment for long term success, as it has proved time and time again its effectiveness in bringing customers in the stores and creating brand awareness. As we have discussed before, the benefits of digital signage are numerous but in order to make it a success, just simply installing a couple of displays isn’t enough.

wayfinder solution in shopping mall

Digital signage in Retail Stores.

Digital signage has been making its way to the retail stores and it is here to stay. 

A recent study showed that forty four percent of customers stated that digital signage would influence them to buy the advertised product instead of a product they already planned to purchase.

68% of customers note that digital signage would make them more likely to buy advertised products.

Digital signs can do so much more than traditional printed store signage. They can be interactive, boosting customer engagement. They can be updated at any time no matter where you are. In our previous blog we discussed the many benefits of digital signage compared to traditional signage and why it is worth investing in one of them.

Digital signage has helped many brands to increase their brand awareness and sales and as an end to end audio visual provider we have seen this happening all the time as soon as they install one of our bespoke digital signage.

Great examples are the Sports Direct stores. For the Sports Direct’s new concept stores to be successful we provided bespoke technology, from screens to experiential application that transformed the store into an innovative, experiential hub for customers with technology never seen before within this setting. 

Digital signage has helped many brands increase not only their brand awareness in stores but also online as well. It is a way for people to connect with the brand on a more personal level.

But in order to make your digital signage a success you will need to pay attention to some important factors to guarantee you are going to make the most of it.

Today we will be discussing all the different important factors you need to consider when installing digital signage into your store to guarantee success.

1. Set Goals

Whether your goal is to increase sales in store, greater brand awareness or improving customer experience the reason can vary from business to business. But in order to make sure your digital signage strategy is working, setting goals can be a good way to measure the success of your installation.

2. Set a content strategy and stay consistent with it

Results don’t happen by simply installing a digital sign and displaying random content. Great engaging content is a foundation for making the most of your digital signage. So in order to have successful digital signage you need to start with a content strategy.

content management solution

Here are the steps you need to take when developing a digital signage content strategy.

  • Set the right person who is going to be responsible for each stage of the content creation, approval and publishing process. For instance, who is responsible for coming up with the ideas, who is designing the content, who will approve the content and publish it. As an end to end provider, our team of experts can create engaging content for you that will catch any passers-by attention so you won’t have to do the work.
  • Develop an effective content schedule. 

Ensure that there is always fresh content to prevent messages and visuals becoming repetitive and outdated.

  • Create relevant content for the relevant audience.

Define your target market and set the right tone for the people you are trying to communicate with.

  • Mark all the important dates and events in your calendar and identify what content you will need to use

3. Use interactivity to your advantage

If you think of using your precious digital signage to display only static content then you are wrong. That method could have worked in the past but the competition is bigger and customers are more demanding compared to the past. Audiences everywhere expect to be able to interact with brands, and you should be seeking opportunities to engage them. Think about upgrading to interactive touchscreens such as the one we installed for Dr Martens. The screens function as a locked down version of the ecommerce site giving customers the whole range of products Dr. Martens offer at the touch of a screen. Another great way is by incorporating social media elements like the Debenhams social wall we installed to help increase customer engagement as well as the brand’s social media presence.

content management & deployment

4. Playlist timing is key

Once you have identified your target market and created the right content for them, you need to determine at what times they will potentially be seeing your content. Take some time to identify times of day when a particular audience is present or passing by, and tailor your playlist to play content at the right times to reach them effectively. This is an essential but often overlooked element, in ensuring that the right people see your content.


Digital signage can have a significant impact on your company.  Focusing on the right team and following all the steps we have mentioned earlier will be the first step to the right direction.

By enhancing your digital signage with all the right techniques and strategies you will be able to make the most of your investment in no time. 

We understand that all this might be new and overwhelming but don’t worry. We are here to help you and guide you step by step through the process to bring your vision to life with our bespoke services and solutions in order to make the most of your digital signage.