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Digital Signage in commercial spaces

We’ve seen digital signage being used in many different ways and in many different places. Digital signage has been proven to be multiple times a great tool when it comes to advertisement, customer engagement and in general it is really effective with creating excitement and curiosity to passengers, with eye striking graphics, colours and images.  

As we discussed in our previous blog, digital signage has been shown to be more effective compared to traditional signage due to the high quality screen analysis and the moving images and videos.

Nowadays digital signage is very popular in retail stores because there are so many benefits. For instance, digital signage in traditional retail spaces can significantly increase the digital presence of a brand which in return has been shown to increase purchase decisions, customer interaction with the brand. Digital signage really is a very successful channel as it creates connection with the customers and significantly increases customer loyalty. 

Digital Signage in retail and corporate spaces

One of the best examples is our collaboration with Debenhams and the installation of the social wall. With this installation we made the customers the heart of the store and created a connection with the brand and their audience. Additionally, we wanted to elevate the digital presence of the brand through social media. The customers could upload their pictures on social media with the hashtag #debenhamsbeauty and they would appear on the social wall. By using only one installation we managed to increase the brand’s digital presence, we also managed to connect the customers with the brand and lastly we were able to have effective brand and product promotions on social media.

Digital signage has been making its presence on the corporate world as more and more companies have started recognising the importance of a well designed office space that digital signage helps elevate. It has been shown that digital signage can help with the employees’ productivity as it has a great impact on mental health.

For example our work with Boden and Boohoo are the perfect examples of how an inspiring corporate space should look. To bring the offices to life, our team at inurface media installed a range of solutions including projectors, touch screens, audio systems, LED street facing screens and LED video walls that even have the capabilities for a live stream. The solutions also featured a control interface so employees could send video streams to the projector for presentations, as well as use Skype for business. Digital signage creates the perfect environment for employee communication as well as keeping them updated on company’s news. 

Now that we talked about some of the most popular places that digital signage can be used we can discover alternative ways in which digital signage can be incorporated into.

One of the benefits of digital signage is how flexible and adaptable it can be as it can be used in multiple ways and in multiple different spaces. So here we’ve listed other ways in which digital signage can be incorporated into.

Using digital signage in the Art world

Art is beautiful and you can find it in different forms. Wherever you look it’s everywhere. From museums and galleries, to the streets and on the radio. With the world being more digitally driven than ever you can now take your art to the next level.

By creating unique pieces of art, every artist is trying to send a message and connect with other people through the power of art, and here is where Digital Signage can elevate and help your art stand out from the rest. Whilst artists prefer to take the traditional route many other artists are gradually finding that digital signage can be beneficial to reach potential customers.

As artists work really hard to create a piece of art, it is only fair that their efforts are presented to showcase their maximum potential. 

Digital signage is able to enhance the visitor’s experience since they are more interactive and less static.

By using them cleverly with the right lighting and proper description you can make your art even more eye-catching.This will also help you to showcase your art in the way you want people to see it and will effectively be able to connect with them successfully.

Before we move on into incorporating digital signage as a way to enhance art, it is highly important to mention a few examples of digital signage being used as art itself.

An honorable mention is Waterfall by Daniel Canogar who made waterfalls out of digital screens and used impressive hardware and software to create the illusion of waterfalls creating a very impressive piece of art, as well as being part of an abstract piece of art by the artist named Michael Mannning wanting to create something meaningful using only digital screens.

So far we’ve seen many ways in which digital screens can  be used in the commercial world but also can get transformed into art itself. By incorporating digital signage in galleries and museums can add a great benefit for art and the artist as well as the exhibition in general.

Here we’ve listed a few of the many ways that digital signage can benefit the arts.  

Benefits of digital signage in arts

1. Maximize space and provide context in museums and galleries

Building and designing gallery spaces are not as easy as some may think. Curators most of the time have to work with a limited amount of space and have to find balance of how they can actually dress the studio, and here is where digital signage comes in handy. By incorporating screens, such as video walls into exhibitions, allows curators to digitally showcase complementary pieces of artwork. Digital signage can be very useful as its practicality can allow multiple images to showcase in a loop that overcomes space restraints.

2. Increase an artist’s presence and exposure on social media 

Nowadays, you can increase your presence as an artist and get great exposure for your art by being active on social media. By using digital signage you can now connect easier with your audience by displaying schedules of upcoming events as well as displaying your social media accounts on the screens to help with exposure next to your biography.

You can also add clients’ feedback, give your audience a glimpse of behind the scenes and highlight your greatest achievements. Whether that’s a historical figure or a contemporary artist, digital signage is a great tool to help you engage with your audience.

Digital signage has an astounding recall rate of 83%. This figure is almost double the information retention rate for traditional advertising.

3. Sell in a discrete, subtle way

When it comes to art people usually forget that art can be pricey and they usually don’t realize the efforts behind a piece of art. People usually don’t like to see price tags, that automatically distracts them from the art itself. Galleries also need funds to operate. Many galleries decide not to disclose price when other businesses find it a necessary tactic in order to keep them running. By adding small screens next to exhibits, you can inform visitors about the date of composition and prices in a discrete and subtle way.

4. Make learning fun

Incorporating digital signage can help make learning fun, as interactive learning in galleries and museums has been shown to be really effective especially for younger audiences. Touch screens, fun animation, special effects can all be great installations and can create an omnichannel experience that will elevate the visitor’s experience.

5. Eye-catching Affordable and          Eco-friendly    Promotion

You can now promote your upcoming exhibitions, concerts or theater plays by using digital signage. By using digital signage you can update your content in real time at the click of a button to promote any new events. This way you can save money and the environment by replacing traditional paper marketing materials like posters and flyers. Digital signage is a great replacement for traditional signage as we mentioned above and more eye-catching in comparison.

Using digital signage in Schools

 Education plays a key role in a person’s development and success for the future. Not only that but also helps with the overall development of a society long term. Thus making the early years an extremely important stage of everybody’s lives.

Research has shown that teenegers spend approximately 9 hours a day in front of a screen. With time this has increased and it is now part of our everyday lives. We can find digital signage and displays in many learning environments from digital exam time tables to digital bulletin boards as a replacement from the classic white boards and cork boards.

So in order to keep up with millennials and gen Zs it has become clear that the digital way is the best way to communicate with them.

So here are some of the ways that Digital Signage can benefit educational facilities.

1. Attention Grabbing

People and especially kids and teenagers can get easily distracted during class. 

Digital signage captures 400% more views unlike static posters and boards and are very memorable. 

2. Multiple functions

Presentation Displays are a clever way not only to keep information displayed at all times but also displaying additional content via connecting laptops and similar devices.

3. Promote and motivate

Giving voice to the students through Digital Signage is not only motivational to them, and other students but it also showcases the school in a positive way for visitors by creating an impressive image for the establishment.

4. The right step to the right direction

New students, visitors and staff can now navigate around the school easier with bespoke wayfinding solutions that have been shown to be very helpful and make the visits to the school a lot less stressful.

5. Safety

Making sure students are safe and understanding evacuation procedures it’s extremely important. Digital Signage totems make sure staff and pupils know exactly what to do and where to go in the event of an emergency. Displaying critical information and physical directions to exits or meeting points is important in a time of potential crisis. These alerts can be triggered by a device controller such as an app on a phone.

6. Break time

Schools can benefit from the use of digital menu boards in their cafeteria areas. This makes decision making a lot easier and the lunch time to run a lot smoother.

Digital signage in the events space

Digital signage is revolutionizing the way events look and feel. From static, fixed content on posters, billboards and signs, event organizers now have the power to present information in dynamic, eye-catching ways, from big screen videos to scrolling ads.

Being able to update information in real time and present content in ways which truly engage the audience can transform the whole experience and take it to the next level.

Here are some top tips on how to use digital signage to get maximum impact at your event:

1. Livestream

Big conferences can mean a lot of rushing around for visitors trying to make workshops and in different places on a tight schedule. Digital technology can take some of the stress out of things by streaming key events live on screens around the venue, people can attend in time without having to rush from one end of the site to the other. 

3. Interactive information

You can display information such as maps, schedules, exhibitor details with the use of touchscreen kiosks around the venue. An easy and less complicated way to inform your visitors so you can make their experience stress free.

2. Real Time updates

Events are very high paced and things can get confusing and chaotic along the way. Changes on schedules and other important information can become a nightmare for organizers. Digital screens can be updated in real time 24/7, so everyone can be informed at the push of a button. 

4. Dynamic Branding 

Events can be very busy and as a result, people have to queue for hours to get inside the venue as well as having to queue all day for each workshop, which can make things tiring and a bit frustrating. By using digital screens you can now display digital content such as videos, instead of the static branding, as it has shown to reduce perceptions of waiting times by 40%. It helps people have something to engage with while they are waiting before the next workshop. Digital screens can also be very practical as you can advertise more than one event in one screen using the same amount of space.


In this blog we have shown that digital signage doesn’t just work in the expected areas, but also the unexpected. Wherever in the world you are, no matter the place, from retail and corporate spaces to  museums, art galleries, schools, events and community theaters, you will always find digital signage and maybe one of them will grab your attention and drive your interest. Here at inurface we see the impact of the use of digital signage everyday. Videos, images, audio solutions and promotional teasers help you engage with your audience in an effective way by offering an immersive experience that keeps people coming back for more.

If you would like to be part of that then don’t hesitate to contact us. Together we can make things happen for you and we are looking forward to being part of your long term success.